Ideal Industries Pull Line Packages

Use These Pull Lines For Cable Or Wires Up To 17 lbs

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What's special about these pulling lines?

  • Allows you to run or retrieve cables and wires through conduit or piping without the aid of a fishing pole or push pull rod
  • One-piece design easily unwinds as it moves through the conduit, no more snags or knots
  • Different string lengths available for use in different sized conduit up to 450 ft long
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Now pulling a wire or cable through conduit is easy with these Line Packages by Ideal Industries. Available in different lengths up to 450 ft they unwind without getting tangled or knotted and have a tensile strength of 17 lbs.

Part #Conduit SizeLengthQty PackColorPrice
ID-31-4721/2" (13mm)75 ft10Red
Manufacturer Direct
ID-31-4731/2" (13mm)150 ft10Red
Manufacturer Direct
ID-31-4753/4" (19mm)200 ft5Yellow
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ID-31-4763/4" (19mm)300 ft5Yellow
Manufacturer Direct
ID-31-4773/4" (19mm)450 ft5Yellow
Manufacturer Direct
ID-31-4791" (25mm)200 ft5White
Manufacturer Direct
ID-31-4801" (25mm)300 ft5White
Manufacturer Direct
ID-31-4811" (25mm)450 ft5White
Manufacturer Direct
  • Great for use with any type of cable blower, vacuum, or cable caster, to easily and quickly send and retrieve cables
  • Equipped with a foam tip to protect the string, conduit, and landing surface from being damaged during installation
  • Tensile strength of 17 lbs to securely hold light-weight wire or cable runs
  • Made in the USA US flag


Part # Color Length Conduit Size Qty Pack
ID-31-472 Red 75 ft 1/2" (13mm) 10
ID-31-473 Red 150 ft 1/2" (13mm) 10
ID-31-475 Yellow 200 ft 3/4" (19mm) 5
ID-31-476 Yellow 300 ft 3/4" (19mm) 5
ID-31-477 Yellow 450 ft 3/4" (19mm) 5
ID-31-479 White 200 ft 1" (25mm) 5
ID-31-480 White 300 ft 1" (25mm) 5
ID-31-481 White 450 ft 1" (25mm) 5





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