IDEAL OmniSeal Pro XL Compression Tool & Connectors

The Tool for Home Theater, CATV, Satellite Systems and Security Applications

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What's special about the OmniSeal tool & connector?

  • Universal design ensures that you can use the tool for any job and any connector
  • Uses one-piece connectors to prevent misplaced parts and speed installation time
  • Connectors available in Compression, Universal Compression, Threaded and BNC styles, so you'll have the right connector for any job
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This compression tool will be the only one you need for attaching connectors. It has the ability to compress all IDEAL connectors, and with a simple turn of a screw, competitors' connectors as well.

BNC Connectors
Part #DescriptionMaterialQuantityPrice
ID-89-5047RG59 BNC Compression ConnectorNickel-plated, brass construction35 (per jar)
F Connectors
Part #DescriptionMaterialQuantityPrice
ID-92-651RG6 REG/TRI/QUAD Compression F-ConnectorNickel-plated, brass construction10 (per card)
ID-92-654RG6 REG/TRI/QUAD Compression F-ConnectorNickel-plated, brass construction4 (per card)
Part #DescriptionQuantityPrice
ID-85-3322-way, 5 MHz, 2.3 GHz Splitter1
ID-85-3333-way, 5 MHz, 2.3 GHz Splitter1
  • Santoprene grip for comfortable fit during use
  • Can be used with other manufacturers' connectors for quick and easy connections
  • One tool is all you will need -terminates all Ideal compression connectors
  • Requires no calibration or accessory attachments to terminate IDEAL branded compression connectors
  • Permanent connections do not pull off or come loose
  • Made in the USA USA flag


Dimensions for OmniSeal Pro XL Compression Tool: 13" L x 6" W x 1.25" H


OmniSeal Pro XL Compression Tool
  • Connects BNC, F, RCA, mini-connectors to RG6, RG59, Quad/11 and mini coax cables
  • Factory pre-set to work with all IDEAL compression connectors
  • Requires no calibration or accessory attachment to terminate IDEAL branded compression connectors
  • Adjustable using just a screwdriver to compress most non-IDEAL connectors
  • New textured Santoprene grip for comfort
ideal compression tool


Compression Connectors
  • Approved for use by most cable TV and satellite companies
  • RF signal containment ensures strong signal
  • Permanent connections do not pull off or come lose
  • Provides superior durability in all climates compared to other manufacturers' connections
  • One-piece design for quick installation
  • Compression port seal provides a water-tight seal for outdoor applications
ideal compression connectors
Universal Compression Connectors
  • Universal RG-59 / RG-6 / RG-11Compression Connectors
  • Terminates all RG-59 / RG-6 / RG-11 braid types from 60% through quad shielding
  • Approved by most satellite and cable TV companies
  • Approved for indoor / outdoor use
ideal compression connectors universal


Threaded Connectors
  • Utilizes threaded couplings and cable conductors as contacts for CATV and other UHF applications
  • Connectors construction covers both plenum and non-plenum cable jackets
ideal connector
rg59 twist-on f-connector
crimp-on connector
rg6 twist-on f-type connector


BNC RG-59 Compression Connectors (ID-89-047)
  • One connector for all cable types within a given RG series
  • Color coded by cable series for easy identification
  • Approved for indoor / outdoor use
bnc rg59 compression connectors


8-Way Splitter (ID-85-138)
  • High performance digital cable splitter
  • Bandwidth: 5 MHz - 1 GHz
  • Impedance: 75 ohm
  • Over 120 db for RFI Shielding
  • Splits signal up to 8 outlets
  • Low insertion loss
  • PCB - printed circuit board design
  • Nickel plated housing
  • Terminators (85-053) needed for all unused ports for optimal performance
8 way splitter


Satellite, Digital TV Splitter 2-Way Splitter
3-Way Splitter
  • Designed for easy mounting over cable
  • All ports are F female connectors
  • Two grounding screws eliminate the need for grounding block
  • Includes two mounting screws (Phillips/slotted head)
2 way splitter ideal ideal 3-way splitter




  1. Step strip cable
  2. Push connector onto cable.
  3. With the tool in the open position (tool handle on the bottom), place the cable and connector into the tool opening over the plunger tip. Apply a downward pressure on the cable and connector to allow the split jaws to secure the cable. The cable and connector will now be in position between the plunger tip and the split jaws.
  4. To compress the connector, close the tool handle completely, insuring the connector sleeve is fully compressed.
Note: This tool has been specifically designed to assemble the following compression connectors without tool adjustments: Compresses F-type, mini F-type, RCA, and Mini RCA IDEAL connectors

Warning! This tool should not be used on live electrical circuits. It is not protected against electrical shock!
operating the omni seal compression tool





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