IDEAL Zoom™ Stainless Steel Fish Tape

Durable Tape for Pulling Wire Through Conduit

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What's special about this steel pulling tape?

  • Stainless steel cable pulling tape in heavy duty dispenser easily pulls wire through conduit, walls, and ceilings
  • Slick, ultra-hard nylon jacket will not get hung up on obstructions, ensuring quick, stress free cable runs
  • 1,600 lbs tensile strength for great reliability during the toughest jobs
  • Will not rust or retain water, making it ideal for humid, wet, and marine environments
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Ideal’s 1,600 lbs tensile strength, 19-strand Stainless Steel Zoom Fish Tape is made to withstand the tough conditions of new and existing construction, and is slick and flexible enough to maneuver around any twists you may encounter.

Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
ID-31-090Zoom™ Fish tape 50'3.4 lbs
ID-31-092Zoom™ Fish tape 100 ft.3.5 lbs
ID-31-096Zoom™ Fish tape 200 ft.8.75 lbs
Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
ID-31-159Ideal S-Class® Fiberglass Fish Tape Replacement Leaders0.3 lb
ID-31-085Fish Tape Swivel Ball0.4 lb
ID-31-148Fish Tape Leader0.02 lb
ID-31-094Replacement Zoom Tape Eyelets0.01 lb
ID-31-091IDEAL Zoom Fish tape 50' Replacement3.2 lbs
ID-31-093IDEAL Zoom Fish tape 100' Replacement3.4 lbs
ID-31-097IDEAL Zoom Fish tape 200' Replacement6.4 lbs
  • Notched handle for tape retention keeps tape from getting sucked into the reel
  • Tape is easily replaced while keeping the same case, a cost-effective solution for installers with heavy workloads
  • Tip contains an eyelet for easy attachment of cables or pulling eye grips
  • 19-strand stainless steel construction for enhanced durability and less kinking than solid fish tapes
  • Slippery nylon jacket will not scratch cable jackets and slides smoothly through your hands
  • Laser etched every 12" for easy conduit measurement
  • Rugged case is tested to resist many 25ft (7.62m) drops onto concrete, and will easily stand up to damaging field accidents
    *Test specimen was rendered unusable after 20 drops from a 25ft height
  • Made in the USA USA



S-Class® Fiberglass Fish Tape Replacement Leaders

  • Crimps on fish tape in minutes
  • Use with IDEAL S-Class® fiberglass fish tape repair kit
  • Connection guaranteed to withstand 500 lbs
  • Box of four

Fish Tape Swivel Ball

  • Swivels to prevent wires from twisting during pull
  • Designed for use on 1/8 inch steel tape
  • Eyelet holds up to four #10 AWG bare wires



Fish Tape Leader

  • For 1/8" wide steel fish tapes
  • Guides steel fish tape around bends in conduit
  • Handles up to six 10 AWG bare wires
  • Pulls up to 500 lbs

Squid® 4-Loop Pulling Leader

  • Pulls multiple wires at one time
  • Staggered connection points prevent bunching or hang-ups in tight bends
  • 500 pounds working strength at main eyelet and up to 150 pounds with each individual eyelet



Squid® 6-Loop Pulling Leader

  • Pulls multiple wires at one time
  • Staggered connection points prevent bunching or hang-ups in tight bends
  • 500 lbs working strength at main eyelet and up to 150 lbs with each individual eyelet
ID-31-090 50' tape 3/16" dia. 12" case diameter 3.4 lbs
ID-31-092 100' tape 3/16" dia. 12" case diameter 3.5 lbs
ID-31-096 200' tape 3/16" dia. 16" case diameter 8.75 lbs






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