ICM F Type Compression Connectors

The Patented O Ring Technology is What Separates This Connector From Everyone Else's

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What's special about this F-Connector?

  • Patented O-ring seal for a permanent sealed connection
  • High quality construction and design for a professional look
  • Available in bright gold or nickel finish to really make your workmanship stand out
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Use the ICM Corp F Compression Connectors to ensure a high quality signal with a secure, long lasting connection which will eliminate problems in the future due to poor connection quality. These connectors are made of brass and can withstand 80 pounds of pull out force.

Part #DescriptionCable TypeQuantityPrice
ICM-FSNS6UICM Universal F Compression Connector NickelRG6/6 Quad25
ICM-FS6PLICM Universal F Compression Connector NickelRG6 Plenum25
ICM-FSNS59UICM Universal F Compression Connector NickelRG59/59 Quad25
ICM-DB6URG6 Plenum Double Bubble Style for F ConnectorRG6 Plenum Double Bubble25
ICM-FS59URAICM Universal F Right Angle Connector (Red)RG625
ICM-FS6URAICM Universal F Right Angle Connector (Green)RG625
  • Patented 360º compression rings to ensure true 360º compression on the cable
  • Innovative external radial design and internal compression ring system lessen ingress/egress at the connector
  • Quick easy installation requires no soldering to secure these connectors to your cables
  • Reduce the need for service calls by providing long lasting, permanent connections for an overall labor savings
  • Solid brass and nickel construction allows consistent electrical continuity even under the most challenging conditions
  • Meets SCTE-IPC and Bellcore requirements
  • Compatible with RG59, RG6 and RG11 cables
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • These connectors are ideally used with the ICM-CPLCCT-SLM


The patented non-blind entry allows the installer to see the wire entering the pin at the base of the connector before compression, which ensures your crimp creates a solid, secure connection. The F connector has an internal "O" sealing ring that stops moisture migration, while the large ferrule surface assures the RF and digital interface are clear.



Patent Numbers US 7044, 771 B2 ; D569,800 ; D561,692 ; D561,691 ; D561,693


Cable Size Description Part # Center Conductor Dielectric Outer Jacket
RG6/6 Quad Universal F Nickel ICM-FSNS6U 0.0399 - 0.0418 0.180 - 0.193 .265 - .305
RG6/6 Quad Universal F Gold ICM-RG6U .0399 - .0418 .180 - .193 .265 - .305
RG6/6 Quad Plenum F Size 1 ICM-FS6PL .0399 - .0418 .183 - .193 .220 - .250
RG59/59 Quad Universal F Nickel ICM-FSNS59U .0317 - .0339 .144 - .157 .232 - .273
RG59/59 Quad Universal F Gold ICM-RG59U .0317 - .0339 .144 - .157 .232 - .273
RG59/59 Quad Plenum F Size 2 & 3 ICM-FS59PL2 .0317 - .0339 .130 - .137 .190 - .220
RG59/59 Quad Plenum F Size 4 ICM-FS59PL4 .0317 - .0339 .134 - .141 .190 - .220
RG11*F Nickel ICM-FS11V .0634 - .0647 .280 - .294 .390 - .417


F-Conn Commercial Series Data Specifications
Cable Types Series 59, 59Q, 6, 6Q, 11
Braid Coverage Range 60% through quad shield - 60% tri, quad shield
Jacket Types PVC, PE and Plenum


Mechanical Requirements Specifications Limits Test Results
Corrosion Resistant BLCR GR-1503 3.2.1 Conforming Materials Exceeds
Cable Application BLCR GR-1503 3.2.2 <20 lbs max insertion Exceeds
Cable Interface BLCR GR-1503 3.2.3 >40 lbs pull force Exceeds
Equipment Interface BLCR GR-1503 3.2.4 >10 matings without damage Exceeds
Equipment Interface BLCR GR-1503 3.2.4 >60 in-lbs without damage Exceeds
Temperature Cycling with Humidity BLCR GR-1503 4.1 +70°F to +140°F to -40°F
must pass 3.2.3 after 3 days
Loosening Torque BLCR GR-1503 4.2 >30 in-lbs after 3 days of 4.1 Exceeds
Moisture Migration SCTE IPS-TP-013 No dye penetration Exceeds
Salt Fog BLCR ASTM B 117 Return Loss > 30 dB @ 1GHz Exceeds
Environmental Pollutants BLCR GR-1503 4.5 Return Loss > 30 dB @ 1GHz Exceeds
Vibration BLCR GR-1503 4.6 Loosening Torque > 32 in-lbs Exceeds
Chemical Resistance Outdoor BLCR GR-1503 4.7 7 days exposure* Exceeds
UV Degradation BLCR GR-1503 4.8 7 days exposure* Exceeds
Ozone Degradation BLCR GR-1503 4.10 70 hours exposure* Exceeds


Electrical Requirements Specifications Limits Test Results
Insulation Resistance BLCR GR-1503 3.5.1 >5000 MΩ @ 100 VDC Exceeds
Dielectric Strength BLCR GR-1503 3.5.2 <1 KVAC for 1 minute Exceeds
Insertion Loss BLCR GR-1503 3.5.3 <0.1 dB to 350 MHz
<0.2 dB to 700 MHz
<0.3 dB to 1 GHz
Return Loss BLCR GR-1503 3.5.4 >30 dB to 1 GHz Exceeds
Shielding Effectiveness BLCR GR-1503 3.5.5 >95 dB to 300 MHz
> 70 dB to 1 GHz

*Samples will not exhibit crackling, swelling or brittleness.

F-Conn Series connectors were tested to meet SCTE-IPS and Bellcore specifications.
Where both organizations have specifications for the same requirements,
F-Conn Series connectors were tested to the more rigorous specifications.







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