Klein Tools HVAC Clamp Meter with Differential Temperature


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  • Manufacturer #: CL450
  • Measures AC/DC voltage up to 1000V, 600A AC Current, 60MO Resistance, DC millivolts and microamps
  • Automatically ranging True Root Mean Squared (TRMS) measurement technology for accuracy CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V, Class 2, Double insulation safety rating
  • Clamp measures AC current and inrush current
  • Two K-Type thermocouple ports for differential temperature measurements
  • Test leads measure AC/DC voltage, DC micro amp, resistance, LoZ, continuity, frequency, duty-cycle, capacitance, and diodes
  • Dedicated mode for capturing DC micro amp and inrush current
  • Low-Pass filter and Low impedance (LoZ) mode for identifying and eliminating ghost or stray voltages
  • Dual backlit 6000 LCD display for clear visibility in environments with low ambient lighting
  • Rugged design with a 6.6-Foot (2 m) drop protection and a CAT IV 600V Safety Rating
  • Includes carrying case, instruction manual, straight input test leads, two K-type thermocouples, and 3 x AAA batteries

The dual display CL450 Clamp Meter is a "game changer" for the HVAC professional. This True RMS CAT IV 600V meter offers DC microamps, differential temperature, digital temperature calibration, inrush current and many other functions for HVAC applications.Special Features: Differential Temperature with Digital Temperature Calibration; Dedicated Mode for Capturing DC Micro Amp and Inrush Current; Integrated Non-Contact Voltage Tester; Low-pass Filter and Low Impedance (LoZ) Mode; AC and DC Voltage. Drop Protection: 6.6 ft (2 m). Weight: 12.50 oz (354.0 g). Application: HVAC. Material: Plastic/Electronics. DC Micro-Amp: 200 µA with 1µA Resolution. Functions: Differential Temperature, Digital Temperature Calibration, DC Micro Amp, Inrush Current, Audible Continuity, Capacitance, Diode Test, Frequency and Duty Cycle, Low-pass Filter, Low Impedance, AC and DC Current, Min/Max, AVG, Data Hold Capability. Ingress Protection: —. Current: 600A AC. Weight w/Batteries: 13.60 oz (386.0 g). Frequency: 999.9kHz. Jaw Size: 2.oo” (50.4 mm). Standard: CATIV 600V, CATIII 1000V. AC Voltage: 1000. Overall Height: 1.59" (40.4 mm). DC Polarity Indicator: Y. Voltage: 1000V AC; 1000V DC. Temperature Range: -40° to 1832°F (-40° to 1000°C). Included: Carrying Case, Instruction Manual, Straight Input Test Leads, Two K-type Thermocouples, and 3 x AAA Batteries. Ohms (Resistance): 60M?. Overall Length: 10.00" (254.0 mm). Batteries: 3 x AAA. Overall Width: 3.77" (95.8 mm). Type: HVAC Clamp Meter with Differential Temperature. DC Voltage: 1000.

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P1000510HVAC Clamp Meter with Differential Temperature
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