SRSR Cable Management, Removal of Rack from Base, Rotation


Extend rack and remove the four wing nuts on the bottom of frame. Pick up rack, lifting from the sides using handles provided. To reattach, extend slides and lift rack onto rotating base, aligning studs on rack with holes on base (rack should click in securely).

Install four wing nuts from the underside of base and tighten.

diagram showing points of removal for SRSR Rack
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Cable Management

1) Determine direction of rack rotation and wire.

2) Select one side of rack for signal cables, and the opposite side for power cables. Extend rack and rotate 90° as shown.

3) Lace cable as shown, ensuring cables are fairly taut. This ensures that the service loop will be the correct length and not be pinched when closing the rack. NOTE: The rack will only rotate in the direction originally selected when cabling is complete.

Cable Management Tip: Tie your cable bundles at least every 6" - 8". This allows cable bundles to lay neatly together when rack is in the closed position.

diagram showing how cables are managed in SRSR rack
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To rotate, pull lower release lever. Bay conveniently locks from center position at 60° and 90° to keep open in service position, and at 0° to orient for closure.

drawing of how SRSR cabinet rotates
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