SRSR Series - Installation Instructions

Tools needed: Phillips screwdriver, 1/2" wrench
Tools recommended: Drill

TIPPING HAZARD: Host enclosure (cabinet) MUST be adequately secured to the floor or wall, to prevent cabinet from falling forward when rack is pulled out

1) Install cable management support as shown (hex key provided)
(See Figure A) using included flathead screws

2) Install lacer bars to cable management support as shown, ensuring the flat side of the lacer bar is on the top (See Figure A). Using included rackscrews align edge of lacer bar with outside edge of rackrail

3) Separate rackrail by size (length) and side (Left and Right). Select the longer rackrail and attach it to the front of the sliding section using flange nuts provided. Then attach the shorter rackrail to the rear of the sliding section. NOTE: At this time the rackrail should only be hand tightened

HINT: Rack removes from base allowing off-site equipment integration

4) Install squaring panel approximately 1/3 of the way down from the top of the rackrail using rack screws provided. NOTE: The squaring panel should remain in place until some of the equipment is loaded

5) Finish tightening the rackrail to the sliding section

6) Position and center the SRSR in millwork with setback desired. Please refer to Middle Atlantic Products A & E spec sheet # 96-985 for complete millwork dimensions. Maximum suggested functional setback is 2" (more setback reduces useable depth)

7) Using 2 preliminary mounting holes and installers choice of hardware attach the SRSR to millwork. Remove the “Locking Trim Panel” and carefully test the sliding operation of the system. Should interference in the millwork occur it may be necessary to fine tune the mounting location (simply loosen the preliminary mounting points and adjust as necessary.

8) Using the preliminary mounting screws for support, extend the sliding carriage to the outer most position. Finish attaching the base to the host enclosure using customer-supplied hardware. (See Figure D for the correct number of mounting points required per application)
VERY IMPORTANT - Use all the mounting points designated when affixing the base to the host enclosure

9) Slide rack into closed position and attach the locking panel

10) Rail stops are used to add extra support when mounting heavy equipment. If rail stops are not mounted in the correct position they will block the rear rail and the rack will not open or close properly. To mount, attach 2 wood screws through each stop (2 rail stops total - 1 on each side) at the highest position possible while maintaining contact with the backside of the rackrail in the closed position

Figure A
figure A home theater cabinet installation

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Figure B
home theater cabinet installation figure b

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Figure C
home theater cabinet step 3 installation


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