Hafele Tilting Flat Screen TV Mounts

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What's special about tilting TV mounting brackets?

  • Allows you to tilt your screen up or down to provide the perfect viewing angle
  • Provides a secure center of gravity for precise positioning
  • Can be tilted up or down to eliminate glare from lighting, or adjusted based on furniture placement
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Hafele's tilting flat screen TV mounts are ideal for televisions from 24" to 100". The slim body design allows your television to be nearly flush to the wall and still accommodate most common cabling components. In addition, the quick and simple design allows you to make vertical or horizontal adjustments.

Part #DepthTV SizeTilt RangeWeight CapacityPrice
HA-818-23-3052-1/4"24" - 40"0 to 20°100 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
HA-818-23-3062-1/4"37" - 63"0 to 20°200 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
HA-818-23-3072-23/32"61" - 100"-15 to 20°400 lbs
  • Low-profile design places your television almost flush to the wall, and provides enough space for cables and cable management
  • Universal design requires no special screen adapters
  • Durable steel is black epoxy coated for a sleek professional look
  • Sturdy material and quality workmanship support televisions from 40 to 400 lbs
  • VESA compliant to work with various television models
  • Smaller models require only 1or 2 studs for a sturdy installation, whereas larger TV models require 3 or 4
  • Includes all hardware to make setup quick and easy








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