Steel Fish Tapes

Steel Fish TapesSteel Fish Tapes
From $34.75
High-impact nylon, one-piece handle for maximum durability, long life, and easy, comfortable use.

EZ Reach Fish TapeEZ Reach Fish Tape
Price $12.85
Flat steel tape reaches easily above ceilings, under carpets, and through walls to install wire.


Fiberglass Fish TapeNylon & Fiberglass Fish Tape

Fiberglass fish tape is the fastest manual fish tape available. It is intended for fishing only. Rope or line is recommended for pulling.

klein tools fish tapeSteel Fish Tape - Klein Tools
Price $41.05
This rugged, easy-to-use Klein winder reel keeps flat spring-steel tape in its place and under control. Helps prevent kinks, saves time, and protects tape. Comfortable, easy-grip design lets you turn the reel in either direction for one-hand feed or take-up while other hand directs tape or brings in back in tight.