Greenlee 60807 Compression Crimping Tool

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What's special about this Coax Termination Tool?

  • Crimp dies interchangeable with many other manufacturers
  • Creates a dual seal / moisture ingress protection when used in conjunction with the Greenlee XFC weatherproof style compression cable lugs
  • Engineered design means less pressure needed for use
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The 60807 Compression Crimping tool's sturdy steel construction is perfect for  terminating most types of compression connectors with its single action use. The tool is fully adjustable to accommodate multiple connector types from an assortment of manufacturers. Crimping dies are supplied for terminating F-style and RCA connectors, with convenient storage extra parts built into the handle.

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RG6 F-Connectors
Part #DescriptionColorQuantityPrice
GL-XFC-6-10RG6 F-Connector
Weather Proof, Compression Crimp
Black 10 per pack
  • Comfort sanoprene grip
  • Single action use
  • Spare dies concealed within handle
  • Rugged construction, one handed operation, ratchet action
  • One year manufacturer warranty


The new Greenlee XFC F-Style Compression Connectors combined with the 60807 Compression Crimping Tool are the perfect combination for weatherproof coax terminations. The combination of weatherproof compression connectors and crimping tool is the perfect solution for CATV, digital satellite, security and residential wiring installations. Traditional hex crimped connections can cause failure by allowing moisture migration along the cable and into the connector.


F-Style Compression Connectors Features:

  • Dual-protection with external sleeve and internal o-ring 360° sleeve crimp prevents moisture migration.
  • O-ring provides internal seal when the 7/16" nut is tightened.
  • Use for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Color-coded sleeves for easy identification of cable compatibility.
  • 70 lbs pull-out strength exceeds SCTE cable retention standard IPS-SP-405.
  • Terminates easily using any compression tool.
  • US patent # 6, 241, 553


Size: 7.2" x 2.2" x 0.8"
Cable Preparation: Braid and Dielectric 1/4"
Center Conductor:  5/16"
Weight: 0.5 lbs






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