Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Receptacles

Surprisingly Affordable GFCI Receptacles with Extra Safety Features

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What's special about these GFCI outlets?

  • Protects people from electric shock and injury by cutting electric flow in the event of a ground fault
  • Includes paintable matching wall plate
  • Emits an audible alarm when one or more components have expired to ensure safety
  • Prevents line-load reversal miswire by refusing reset if wired incorrectly
  • Comes with backed-up terminal screws for faster installation
  • Required for the bathroom, kitchen, outdoors, basement, and other wet locations; ideal for maximum safety anywhere
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You really can't argue the benefit of preventing electric shock, death and fire, especially at this price. These quality GFCI receptacles meet safety requirements for moist/wet areas and look great. Be sure to order the correct amperage for your circuit.

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2006 UL Listed 15A / 20A Duplex GFCI Receptacle with LED Indicator Light

Part #DescriptionWeightColorPrice
WTS-TGS15AGFCI 15A duplex receptacle,
0.30 lbIvory
Manufacturer Direct
WTS-TGS20AGFCI 20A duplex receptacle,
0.30 lbIvory
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  • Meets or exceeds all applicable NEC and UL codes

gfci receptacle dimensional drawing
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Dimensions (Inches)
A 3.81 ± 0.004
B 3.68 ± 0.004
C 3.28 ± 0.004
D 2.73
E 2.70
F 1.69
G 1.30
H 0.94 ± 0.004
I 1.55
J 1.30


Electrical Specifications
ANSI/NEMA 5-15R, 5-20R, WD-6
Dielectric Voltage Withstands 1500V per UL498
Current Interrupting 10KA/6KV
Temperature Rise Max 30C after 50 cycles OL at 150 pct rated current
Mechanical Specifications
Terminal ID Brass-Hot, Green Ground,
White Neutral Terminal Accommodation
14-1 2 AWG
Product ID Ratings are permanently marked on device
Material Specifications
Face Material Polycarbonate
Body Material Polycarbonate
Line Contacts Brass Double-Wipe 0.031 Thick
Terminal Screws Brass 8-32
Grounding Screws Brass 8-32
Strap Zinc-Plated Steel 0.050 thick
Clamps Zinc-Plated Steel
Ground Clip Brass
Internal Switch Contacts Silver and Tin Alloy
Available Color Ivory


Environmental Specifications
Flammability Rated V-2 per UL94
Operating Temperature -35° C to 65° C
Performance Data
Trip Level 5mA ± 1mA
AC Horsepower Ratings
At Rated Voltage 1-1/2 HP
The end-of-life intellectual monitoring function
  1. When the GFCI reaches its end of life the red indicator will turn on
  2. If the GFCI red indicator turns on it reaches its end of life
  3. If no power output the GFCI reached its end of life
Standards and Certifications
  • NEMA WD-6
  • ANSI WD-6
  • UL 498 File E243553
  • UL 943-2006 requirements Class A File E229322
  • CSA C22.2 No. 42 File LR-57811
  • NOM 057




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