General Cable Carol® Brand CCS RG6 Coaxial Cable

High Speed, Wide Bandwidth Cable for Residential and Commercial Applications

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What's special about this coaxial cable?

  • These cables offer the ability to have long cable runs with minimal signal loss or degradation, which means that you can expect excellent results even at longer distances
  • Cable is made with copper conductors that meet ASTM B-3 standards, and copper clad steel that meets ASTM B-869 standards, for better clarity and quality signal
  • Shield is constructed of aluminum braid and Flexfoil® shield for line noise and EMI/RFI reduction
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ULUL Classified

General Cable's RG 6/U Type cable is ideal for use in most RF signal transmission applications, including HDTV, digital video, and FM broadcasting. This quality cable has a premium PVC jacket, and shielding that is superb for transmitting a clear, crisp signal.

  • The core/ insulation is made from a foam polyethylene(PE) design, which keeps the cable's integrity and rigidity
  • RG6 cable is a common cable used in multiple commercial and residential applications
  • RG6 was once used to describe a military specification (Radio Guide), but that has become obsolete and now represents standard coaxial cables with 75-ohm impedance and 18 AWG center conductor
  • The jacket is made of a premium PVC compound for protection from snags or damaging external forces
  • UL and cULus rated, NEC 725, type CL2
  • Available in various colors and lengths



  • Suitable for RF signal transmission, MATV, CATV, CCTV, HDTV, Digital Video, Drop cable, FM broadcast


RG6 Quad Shield Coaxial Cable Cross Section

Part # AWG Size Nom. Dcr Insulation Material Shield Coverage
Nom Shld Dcr
Nominal OD Nominal Capacitance Velocity of Propagation % Nominal Impedance Ω
in / mm in / mm pF/ft / pF/m
GC-C5775 18 ga Solid Copper-Clad Steel 28.9 Ω/Mft Foam PE
0.177 / 4.50
100% Flexfoil® Bonded 60%
Aluminum Braid 9.0 Ω/Mft
Black PVC
0.263 / 6.68
16.20 / 53.15 85 75


Part # Nominal Attenuation
MHz dB/100'
GC-C5775 1 0.26
10 0.81
50 1.46
100 2.05
200 2.83
500 4.53
1000 6.59
1450 8.1
1800 8.8
2200 10.1
3000 11.79


Cross Reference Table
CATV/MATV/DBS RG-59, RG-6 & RG-11 Ratings

Image Coax Solution General Cable Carol Belden Genesis West Penn Commscope
C5775/C5886 RG 6 RG 6 CCS/Foil/60% AL Braid CATV/CM
C5775 9116/1829A 5303 841 5726
RG 6 CCS/Foil/60% AL Braid CATVR/CMR
C5886 9116R      
C5785/C5889 RG6 RG 6 CCS/Quad/Foil/60%/40% AL Braid CATV/CM
C5785 1189A 5307 Q841 5740
RG 6 CCS/Quad/Foil/60%/40% AL Braid CATVR/CMR
C5889 1884A      
C3524/C3525 RG6 RG 6 CCS/Foil/60% AL Braid CMP - Plenum
C3524 9116P   25841 2275K
RG 6 CCS/Quad/Foil/60%/40% AL Braid CMP - Plenum
C3525 1189AP   25Q841  
C5039/C3528 RG11 RG 11 CCS/Foil/60% AL Braid CATV/CM
C5039 1525A     5913
RG 11 CCS/Foil/60% AL Braid CL2P/CMP - Plenum
C3528 1523AP     2285K







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