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What's special about these connectors?

  • One-piece connector construction means no loose contact or other parts to handle
  • Weatherproof connectors are excellent when used in moist environments
  • Test performance meets MIL-C-39012 standard
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This BNC connector was designed for ease and speed of use as well as various environments. Weatherproof seals allow your connections to be safe and protected. Installed in just seconds, this single piece assembly is a vital component in the installer's tool set.

Part #DescriptionColor CodeCable O.D.WeightPrice
GEM-351-2CSTPGEM RG59 PVC, Siamese & Plenum TypeBrown0.195 - 0.2454.4 oz
GEM-351-510CSTPGEM BNC Female Compression Connector RG6 Plenum TypeGray0.195 - 0.2454.0 oz
GEM-351-5CSQSTPGEM BNC Female Compression Connector RG6 TypeBlue0.195 - 0.2453.9 oz
GEM-351-5CSTPQGEM BNC Female Compression Connector RG6 Quad Plenum TypeBlack0.195 - 0.2454.0 oz
GEM-302-5CSQSGTPGEM BNC Male Compression Connector RG6 Dual/Tri/Quad Type - GoldBlue0.195 - 0.2454.8 oz
GEM-302-5CSQSTPGEM BNC Male Compression Connector RG6 Dual/Tri/Quad TypeBlue0.195 - 0.2454.8 oz
GEM-302-8240CSTPGEM BNC Male Compression Connector RG58 Type, Belden 8240Orange0.195 - 0.2455.2 oz
GEM-302-8241CSTPGEM BNC Male Compression Connector RG59 Type, 23 AWG, Belden 8241Purple0.195 - 0.2455.0 oz
GEM-302-N2CSTPGEM BNC Male Compression Connector RG6 Plenum TypeBrown0.195 - 0.2455.0 oz
GEM-303-2CSTPGEM BNC Right Angle Male Compression Connector RG59 PVC, Siamese & Plenum TypeBrown0.195 - 0.2455.2 oz
GEM-303-5CSTPGEM BNC Right Angle Male Compression Connector RG6 TypeBlack0.195 - 0.2455.2 oz
  • BNC connectors are used for RF signal connections, for analog and Serial Digital Interface video signals, amateur radio antenna connections, aviation electronics and many other types of electronic test equipment
  • BNC connectors were commonly used on 10BASE2 thin Ethernet networks
  • These BNC connectors are easy to install anywhere
  • This connector is made of a bright nickel finish with a solid brass or zinc body and a gold plated center contact
  • One year manufacturer warranty


Impedance 50 ohms nominal
Operating Frequency BNC: 0-4 GHz
V.S.W.R. 1-3:1 maximum
Working Voltage 500 VRMS @ sea level
Contact Resistance Outer Contact 0.2 milliohms
Center Contact 1.5 milliohms
Insulating Resistance 5000 Megaohms minimum
Dielectric Withstanding Volage 1500 VRMS @ sea level
Materials Brass QQ-B-626, Alloy 360,1/2 hard
QQ-B-613, Alloy CA260, 1/2 hard






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