Furman Sound PFP PlugLock

Secure Your Electrical Cords to a Circuit Breaker Protected Power Strip

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What's special about this power strip?

  • Clamping feature secures the plugs into the sockets for safety, and prevents accidental disconnects
  • 5 widely-spaced outlets allow you to plug in even bulky adapters
  • Comes with a heavy duty 5 foot, 14 AWG three conductor cord, so you can mount it high up on equipment, or a few feet away
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The Furman Pluglock - PFP Outlet Strip alleviates the hassles associated with aggravating power brick or wall wart problems. Mount the Pluglock - PFP into the rear of your rack, then plug any wall warts (and regular plugs) into it. In addition to the five outlets and circuit breaker protection, the Plug Lock now features the Panamax Furman power management system, which provides great for protection of your equipment. More

Part #DescriptionColorDimensionsWeightPrice Price
FUR-PLUGLOCKFurman Sound Six Outlet Surge SuppressorBlack12.6” H x 2.3” W x 2.5” D2.125 lbs31.50
Manufacturer Direct

The secure clamping design holds your power bricks, wall warts, transformers and conventional plugs in place which ensures that you will not have to deal with equipment disconnecting from your power source. Adjustable clamps accommodate transformers and plugs from 0.4" to 2.1" above outlet. To adjust outlet clamps, all you need to do is turn thumbscrews (located on rear panel) left (counterclockwise) to loosen. You can then adjust to your desired height and return the thumbscrews into their set position.

This device is a power distributor only, which means that it offers no conditioning or surge protection functions.

  • Clamps secure standard plus as well as wall warts
  • Ideal for mounting behind your racks and equipment, where it will be out of sight
  • Circuit breaker protected outlets ensure that if you overload, power will be cut to protect your equipment
  • All steel construction for durability and longevity
  • Zero ground leakage design is ideal for use with balanced power conditioners
  • A must have for equipment racks or guitar effects pedal boards
  • UL listed
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty



One of the best features of this strip is its circuit breaker protection built into the strip. The strip is rated at 15 Amps, or 1800 Watts at 120 Volts. If the total load on the strip exceeds 15 Amps, the circuit breaker (located on the side panel) will trip, causing the power to shut off. Remove one of the plugs and press reset. If this does not resume the functioning of the strip, remove another and reset again.


Only for use with 15 Amp circuits utilizing a minimum of 14 AWG

Current Rating 15 Amps
Mounting Hole Spacing 11.6"
Clamps Adjust From 0.4" to 2.1"
Construction Sturdy, steel construction
Dimension 12.6” H x 2.3” W x 2.5” D
Weight 2.125 lbs




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