Fluke Network Testers, Punch Tools, Analyzers  Fluke

When it comes to network cable testing and certification, rely on the speed and accuracy of Fluke testing instruments. For copper-based networks, we offer Fluke’s DTX and DSP digital CableAnalyzers, as well as their CableIQ Qualification Tester and IntelliTone Probes. You can also test, troubleshoot and certify fiber optic networks with Fluke CertiFiber® and SimpliFiber® fiber optic testers. If your application leans more toward electrical systems, we can help with that, too. CableOrganizer.com carries the Fluke Digital Multimeter for easy voltage and current measurements, the Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer for verifying electrical system capacity, and Fluke’s 1735 Three Phase Power Logger, which allows you to log electrical parameters and measure energy use.