Flexo® Shield Conductive Cable Sleeving

Improves Signal Integrity and Helps Meet High Industry Performance Standards

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What's special about this shielded braided sleeving?

  • Shields cables from EMI frequencies ranging from 10 MHz to 1 GHz, greatly increasing signal integrity
  • Helps your application meet the needs of the internationally recognized radio frequency standard CISPR25
  • Reduces attenuation up to 20% to support consistent power flow from end to end
  • Ideal for use in communications networking, medical electrics, certain aerospace applications, and many others
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Flexo® Shield EMI Shielded Braided Sleeving helps protect your cables and bundles from EMI shielding that can compromise your signal. This cable sleeve cancels frequencies from 10 MHz to 1 GHz and reduces attenuation up to 20% for a clean, consistent signal. It is also built with an aramid core, providing ample protection from cutting and abrasion.

Part #Size (measured flat)Min. Expansion RangeMax. Expansion RangeQty.WeightColorPrice
TX-FSN013-MS1/8"1/16"1/4"164 Ft1.21 lbsSilver
TX-FSN038-MS3/8"1/4"1/2"164 Ft2.26 lbsSilver
TX-FSN050-MS1/2"3/8"3/4"164 Ft3.43 lbsSilver
TX-FSN075-MS3/4"1/2"1"164 Ft4.59 lbsSilver
TX-FSN100-MS1"3/4"1-1/4"164 Ft5.81 lbsSilver
TX-FSN125-MS1-1/4"1"1-1/2"164 Ft7.02 lbsSilver
TX-FSN150-MS1-1/2"1-1/4"1-3/4"164 Ft8.23 lbsSilver
Part #Size (measured flat)Min. Expansion RangeMax. Expansion RangeQty.WeightColorPrice
TX-FSN013-BS1/8"1/16"1/4"328 Ft1.21 lbsSilver
TX-FSN038-BS3/8"1/4"1/2"328 Ft2.26 lbsSilver
TX-FSN050-BS1/2"3/8"3/4"328 Ft3.43 lbsSilver
TX-FSN075-BS3/4"1/2"1"328 Ft4.59 lbsSilver
TX-FSN100-BS1"3/4"1-1/4"328 Ft5.81 lbsSilver
TX-FSN125-BS1-1/4"1"1-1/2"328 Ft7.02 lbsSilver
TX-FSN150-BS1-1/2"1-1/4"1-3/4"328 Ft8.23 lbsSilver
  • Expandable design fits over large plugs and shrinks back down to fit closely to your cable assembly
  • Aramid fiber core adds a great deal of strength and added protection from cutting and abrasion
  • High flexibility ensures there will be no problems maneuvering cables in complex routing operations
  • Tinned copper braid provides full conductivity for applications requiring an electrical connection
  • Cuts clean with a sharp pair of standard scissors


Property Value
Physical Porperties
Monofilament Diameter 0.10 (ASTM D-204)
Tensile Strength 39 lbs (173 N) per ASTM D-2265
Abrasion Resistance Low
Specific Gravity N/A per ASTM D-792
Moisture Absorption N/A per ASTM D-570
Hard Vacuum Data
TML 3.13
CVCM 0.19
WVR 1.76
Smoke D-Max ASTM E-662
Outgassing High
Oxygen Index 29 per ASTM D-2863
Operating Temperature -40°F to 302°F (-170°C to 160°C)
Melt 449°F (232°C) per ASTM D-2117
Chemical Resistance
1: No Effect • 2: Little Effect • 3: Affected • 4: More Affected • 5: Severely Affected
Aromatic Solvents 2
Chlorinated Solvents 3
Strong Bases 2
Hydraulic Fluid 1 per MIL-H-5606
De-Icing Fluid 1 per MIL-A-8243
Strong Oxidants 2
UV Light 1
Fungus 2 per ASTM G-21
Alipahtic Solvents 1
Weak Bases 1
Salt Water 1 per O-S-1926
Lubricating Oil 1 per MIL-A-8243
Strong Acids 3
Esters/Keytones 2
Petroleum 1
Salts 1
Ratings UL VW-1 (VW-1 Flame Test)
RoHS Compliant

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Questions & Answers


Material - What material is this made from? is it magnetic?

Asked by Anonymous user on 07/15/2014 2:13 PM

  • - Thank you for your question. This sleeving is made from Tinned Copper and I do believe it is magnetic.

    Fernando M. on 07/16/2014 12:19 PM

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