Flat Wire & Low Profile Cables

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Have you ever wondered why cables have to be round and tube-shaped? Well, what if I told you they didn't? We have a range of flattened cables that are perfect for hard-to-reach places and minimizing trip hazards: HDMI, composite video, audio, coaxial and data cables, all low-profile and squished for your convenience. Flatwire, WireWorld and Taperwire products are so flat that they can be installed under flooring, or painted over to blend with the surrounding decor.

Flat Wire Cables are Proof that Wires Don’t need to be Round

Today, everyone knows that the world is round. Years ago, before modern technology, many people thought that the world was actually flat and that it had an edge you could literally fall off! We now know that isn't true. Similarly, if you asked any average person what shape a wire or cable is, they would immediately say “round”. Unlike the earth, this isn't the case! Flat wires and cables exist and are perfect for spots that are hard to reach. CableOrganizer.com carries a healthy variety of different types so that you can find exactly what meets your needs!


While most cables and wires are round for a reason, there are times when flat, low profile variations just work better. Some of the benefits include:

  • They can fit through super narrow spaces. Flat cables are designed to fit into those super narrow spaces that a round wire would have a hard time getting through. They are very easy to hide under things, and some can even be run right over your wall and painted over so that they are completely invisible!
  • They are less of a trip hazard. Since flat wires lay low to the surface they are on, they are less likely to move out of place and create trip hazards. They can be easily secured down, and won't create lumps and bumps under carpeting!

Flat wire cables retain all the benefits of regular ones, they just have a flat design, convenient for specific applications. They can be used for clean installation and professional looking home theater systems and more! Used for audio and video, they provide crisp, clear video, 3D-enabled digital audio, video, and Ethernet signals to your TV.


If you are looking to get cables through a super narrow space, flat ones are worth looking into! They may just be the perfect option to finish your project flawlessly.

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