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What's special about the Firefly Cable Protector?

  • Visibility – High contrast Black and Green color combination for normal day time use; and Red LED Lights running the length of the cover for unmistakable low light visibility – perfect to avoid tripping as well as warning vehicles to slow down
  • Heavy Duty construction allows for all sorts of vehicle traffic up to 24,000 lbs per axle for use at events, construction, and other temporary or mobile wiring set ups
  • Large leading edge for the lid to rest on to prevent it from subducting into the channels
  • Pre-drilled screw holes that allow easy anchoring to the floor ensure the Firefly won't shift during use
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The Firefly Energy and Satellite Series Cord Protectors are the next generation of heavy duty cable protectors. Unlike other cable protectors the Firefly provides unmatched visibility with high contrast green lids and black ramps, as well as the first and only high capacity cable protector with animated LED lights for added visibility, especially in low light situations. The addition of the animated LED illumination in the Firefly Energy and Satellite series cable protectors cuts down on the risk of your cable runs being a tripping hazard as well as possible vehicle damage that could occur by driving over a cord protector (or any bump) at high speeds.

Part #DescriptionChannelsDimensionsWeightPrice
CP-FF-332Firefly Cable Protector™336" L x 16" W x 1.91" H20 lbs
Qty: is excited to introduce Firefly® illuminated cable protectors, a completely new and unique product that is about to take the cable cover industry by storm. Combining a high-visibility safety-green lid with rows of animated red LED lights, the Firefly® is unlike any other cord cover on the market, and has set a new standard for cable protection and tripping hazard prevention in low-light environments. The Firefly® was recently showcased at the NAB tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is the winner of a 2008 ESTA Members' Choice Product Award.

  • The first safety-green cable protector on the market, developed after studies revealed that green is the color most visible to the human eye
  • When used in multiple, the Firefly® is simple to connect and disconnect, thanks to Boot Connectors™
  • Competitively priced, even in comparison with common cable protectors that don't have hazard warning lights
  • 36” length overall for easier handling; fits in most commercial doorways
  • Anti-snag features such as tapered channel divers and beveled edges on the lid to prevent bundled cables from snagging during loading and unloading as well as a flat hinge design that starts with the lid instead of the base to keep the lid from “pinching” the cables, and prevents the protector from collecting dirt
  • Warns pedestrians of tripping hazards at night or during the day
  • Lid opens 100° to stay open for easier cable installation
  • Patent No. 6,499,410
  • Made of cast UV stabilized polyurethane
  • Drainage slots in the hinge base to allow dirt and debris to fall through reducing wear on the hinge
  • 14 months limited warranty
  • 3/4" leading edge of lid rest area means the lid won't collapse inside center channel while a vehicle drives over the protector
  • Batteries NOT included


The Firefly has perfected the combination of rugged protection and high visibility making it the ideal choice for all sorts of events such as building construction locations, festivals, conventions, concerts, fairs, and road construction. Not only does a cord protector such as the Firefly lessen the chance of tripping hazards and cable damage, it may actually be required in accordance to NEC 525.1.

Advanced Engineering and practical thought went in to the construction of the Firefly Energy and Satellite series Cable protectors to make them easy to use while offering extra features to protect your wire bundles. The topside divider edges are rounded to prevent snags or catches while loading, as well as the dividers at the ends (left & right) being at 45° angles to prevent wires from catching on corners when being unloaded. Another simple but valuable feature is that the hinge begins with the lid, not the base.


manufactured by Industry Advanced Technologies, Inc.

fire fly cord cover dimensions


Model Description A
Weight PRICE
Overall Length Length
CP-FF-332 3 Channel 36" (914mm) 32" (813mm) 16" (406mm) 1.91" (49mm) 20 lbs DISCONTINUED



Model Description Center Channel Side Channels Wall Thickness Maximum Cable Diameter
CP-FF-332 3 Channel 1.375"" W x 1.125" H 1.375" W x 1.125" H 0.375" 1.10"



General Specifications   Waterproof Electronics Specs
Material UV Stabilized Cast Polyurethane Warning Lights Red LED
Chemical Resistance Good Warning Type Animated LED Strip x 2
Operating Temp -30° F to 140° F (-34° C to 60° C) LED Strips Sealed in Clear Polyurethane
Max Load Capacity 24,000 lbs per axle at 70° F (21° C) Electronics Op. Temp 14° F to 149° F (-10° C to 65° C)
Hinge Pin Reinforced fiberglass Suggested Battery Type Two AA 1.5V Duracell MN1500
Outgassing zero outgassing Battery Op. Temp -4° to 129° F (-20° to 54° C)
Color Black with safety green lid Battery Life 500 hours continuous (approx)
Patent #6,499,410 On/Off Switch Push button with red boot



5 Channel Cable Protector FIREFLY Brand A
Animated LED Safety Illumination Yes  
Anti-Snag 45 Channel Divider Ends Yes  
Wide Center Channel Yes Yes
Screw Holes for Mounting to Floor Yes  
Fits in Most Standard Commercial Doorways Yes  
Lid Designed with Beveled Underside Edge Yes  
Anti-Snag Hinge Design Yes  
Hinge Design That will not collect dirt Yes Yes
Lid That Opens Past 90 Yes Yes
Over 10" Wide Lid Yes  
Completely Flat Hinge Design Yes  
3/4" Leading Edge of Lid Rest Area Yes  
14 Month Limited Warranty Yes  
Cast UV Stabilized Polyurethane Yes Yes






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