Your Community | The Environment Encourages Our Employees to Practice a Healthy Lifestyle


female stretching, assorted fruit, drinking waterWe are dedicated not only to providing a safe and comfortable environment for our employees to work, but also to facilitating healthy everyday life style. One way that does this is by providing a certified personal trainer for our staff twice a week. She provides the team with tips for improving physical fitness technique as well as the motivation to stick to a nutritious eating plan, resulting in improved mood and a clearer thought process. offers bottled water to our employees at no cost, and the office vending machine offers healthy snacks and drinks at subsidized prices. takes pride in the quality training of our employees


employees in trainingStaff training is a significant investment for any company, and although we are still a small company, that does not stop us from improving the strengths of our employees by providing them with relevant education. is committed to constantly offering training on new products and promotes continuing education whenever we are able. We also arrange for our staff to take part in special projects and tasks designed to nurture open-minded thinking and creativity. believes in rewarding our staff


We understand that hard work deserves reward, and we take pride in providing perks to our employees. One example is having a professional massage therapist come into the office to give the staff one-on-one back, neck and shoulder massage sessions at no expense to the employee. We also take the opportunity to provide free catered lunch on occasion, as well as going on group outings such as bowling, movies, or the park. Employees that earn it can even receive paid early release days to kick back and enjoy some personal time on us.