KIVA, Loans that changes lives

Our Workplace  |  Your Community  |   Protecting the Environment is excited to partner with Kiva, a nonprofit organization that connects entrepreneurs in Third World countries with charitable lenders who provide them with small, interest-free business loans. By enabling men and women in underdeveloped nations to sustain and grow their businesses, these small loans also help to support the borrowers’ families, and stimulate local economy.

As a Kiva lender, has invested in the lives and businesses of 5 individuals across Africa, Asia, and South America. Their hard work, creativity and resourcefulness have inspired us, and we’re proud to introduce them to you:


Irma Coral MoralesIrma Coral Morales
Irma is a street food vendor from the city of Pucallpa, Peru, where every evening she sells hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, French fries, and juanes, a traditional Peruvian rice dish, from the small cart that she operates with her two daughters. Also the mother of a 13 year old son, Irma is investing her loan into food supplies and new pots for her business.
Safina TebejungwaSafina Tebejungwa
Safina is a mother of 6 from Naalya, Uganda, whose primary business is a small brick laying company. Thanks to the proceeds from her brick laying enterprise, Safina has been able to revive her other business, in which she makes samosas (fried vegetable turnovers) and sells them to local shops and schools. Safina’s loan is being used to purchase flour, onions, and other samosa ingredients, as well as to pay her children’s school fees.
Leticia NalwangaLeticia Nalwanga
Leticia is a 30 year old wife and mother of 3 who runs a retail shop in Kisasi, a suburb of Kampala, Uganda. Leticia works 7 days a week, and her store is visited by about 35 customers a day. Competition from neighboring businesses has become a growing challenge for Leticia, so she is investing her loan into more merchandise for her shop. She hopes to one day own and operate a wholesale store.
Dora Sabina Beltrán De ValderramaDora Sabina Beltrán De Valderrama
Dora is a 50 year old mother of 3 from the La Libertad region of northwestern Peru. Originally trained to be a nurse’s aid, Dora had to leave the program early, when she became pregnant with her first child. With 2 of her 3 children grown, Dora began selling clothes from her home 3 years, ago, and has since expanded into selling beauty products and beer as well. Dora is using her loan to purchase more beauty products, beer, and soda to sell, and hopes to someday run a small grocery store in her house.
Afras EyyubovAfras Eyyubov
Afras is 29 years old, and supports his family by running a foreign auto parts shop in Imishli, Azerbaijan. Having been in business for 2 years, Afras is using his loan to enlarge his store and offer a wider variety of auto parts to meet his customers’ needs. Very grateful for the opportunities that come from Kiva loans, Afras hopes to expand his business and increase his income enough to get married this year.


When you lend through Kiva, you do so much more than help the borrower – you have a positive impact on every life connected to theirs. To find out how you can help others lift themselves out of poverty, please visit the Kiva website – you’ll find detailed information on the community, what’s involved in lending, and the entrepreneurs whose lives you have the power to change.

Check out our Corporate Responsibility page to learn about the other ways that is making a difference in both the local and worldwide communities.