Our Workplace | Your Community is going green!

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At, we understand that although we may be a small company, we are responsible for doing our part in protecting our environment and reducing our footprint.

We are fortunate enough to be a very technologically advanced company, which allows us to significantly cutdown our use of paper products. Over 80% of all correspondence within and outside the company is carried out via email, which reduces waste and in turn preserves the environment. We also have an office recycling program in place; paper products, plastics and cans used in the office are sent to our local recycling center.

The warehouse staff at CableOrganizer is dedicated to taking steps in reducing waste, from small efforts such as reusing boxes and packing materials whenever possible, to larger ones, like our pallet recycling program. Rather than discarding pallets that are damaged beyond use, we send them out to either be repaired and reused, or broken down and manufactured into new pallets.