Corning's Unicam® MTP® Connectors

Twelve Fiber Connections With One High Density Termination

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What's special about these fiber connectors?

  • Field-installable fiber connector replaces 12 single-fiber terminations; ideal for applications using 12-fiber ribbon cable
  • Innovative design offers a quality alternative to epoxy and polish connectors, giving you a simple and reliable termination
  • Pre-installed fiber stubs allow the delicate end-face processing to be completed during the production process in a controlled environment, reducing the field technician's influence
  • When used in conjunction with the UniCam® MTP® Tool Kit, a 12-fiber ribbon can be terminated in less than 5 minutes, saving you time and money
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UniCam MTP (Mechanical Transfer Pull) Termination Connectors provide numerous advantages over typical fiber optic connections. Installation time and cost are reduced by eliminating the in-field epoxy and polish process that exposes fiber end-faces and makes them susceptible to contaminates.  This innovative product development gives you a more dependable and reliable network connection, perfect for data centers, main cross connects and telecommunication rooms.

  • Color-coded connections for simple visual identification
  • Available with precision guide pins to ensure that proper alignment and insertion are achieved
  • No-epoxy/no-polish technology eliminates the need to purchase additional expensive tools, reducing installation costs
  • MTP connectors mimic the familiar SC connector for easy push-pull operation
  • Meets the IEE-802.3 standard for Ethernet-based LANs, providing reliable performance
  • Corning Cable Systems guarantees the connectors will meet the published specifications at the time of installation, or they will replace them


Intermateability TIA/EIA-604-5 (FOCIS)
Insertion Loss 0.5 dB average
1.0 dB maximum
Reflectance* ≤ -20 dB for multimode, ≤ -55 dB for single-mode
Temperature Cycling ≤ 0.3 dB change, -40°F to 167°F (-40ºC to +75ºC); 21 cycles
*Reflectance values for single-mode are for 64.4°F to 82.4°F (18º to 28ºC).






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