Cooper Bussmann T-Tron® JJN Series Fuses

Very Fast-Acting, Current-Limiting Fuses

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What's special about these fuses?

  • Compact size allows for installation in panel boards and control centers . Excellent choice for system upgrading when current circuit breakers are not able to safely interrupt larger available short-circuit currents
  • T-Tron® fuses offer a broad range of coverage, independent of breaker manufacturer
  • Class T fuses provide current limitation for non-inductive circuits to maximum ground fault and short-circuit conditions
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CEULCSA Approved

The most important component of the fuse is the element. This is generally made of a high conductivity material such as pure copper, silver-plated copper or even silver. The T-Tron® is a very fast acting fuse which is equipped with a silver element for high current limiting ability.

Part #AmpsDimensionsWeightPrice
CB-JJN-6060A0.88"Lx 0.56"D0.1 lb.
Manufacturer Direct
CB-JJN-150150A2.44"L x 0.88"D0.15 lb.
CB-JJN-200200A2.44"L x 0.88"D0.3 lb.
CB-JJN-300300A2.75"L x 1"D0.3 lb.
CB-JJN-400400A2.75"L x 1"D0.25 lb.
CB-JJN-600600A3.06"L x 1.25"D0.3 lb.
CB-JJN-800800A3.38"L x 1.75"D0.85 lb.
CB-JJN-12001200A4"L x 2"D1.45 lbs.
  • 200,000A interrupting rating provides high ratings at all circuit locations so, no matter where this fuse is placed, the equipment is protected from electrical surge
  • Space-saving fuses offers a high degree of current limitation on short-circuits for unbeatable component protection
  • High speed of response for semiconductor protection
  • UL, CSA, CE rated




Typical Applications:

  • Large apartment complexes
  • Multi-family meter stacks
  • VFD line protection
  • Electric heat circuits
  • Load centers
  • Disconnect switches
  • Meters



PART # Maximum AC Voltage Amperage Rating AC Interrupting Ratings Fuse Class Fast Acting Size
CB-JJN-60 300 60A 200000 at 300V Class T Yes 0.88"L x 0.56"D
CB-JJN-125 300 125A 200000 at 300V Class T Yes 2.44"Lx 0.88"D
CB-JJN-150 300 150A 200000 at 300V Class T Yes 2.44"L x 0.88"D
CB-JJN-200 300 200A 200000 at 300V Class T Yes 2.44"L x 0.88"D
CB-JJN-300 300 300A 200000 at 300V Class T Yes 2.75"L x 1"D
CB-JJN-400 300 400A 200000 at 300V Class T Yes 2.75"L x 1"D
CB-JJN-600 300 600A 200000 at 300V Class T Yes 3.06"L x 1.25"D
CB-JJN-800 300 800A 200000 at 300V Class T Yes 3.38"L x 1.75"D
CB-JJN-1200 300 1200A 200000 at 300V Class T Yes 4"L x 2"D






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Questions & Answers


Time Curves of 300A - Hi the data sheet doesnt contain any curves for the 300A fuse. Can you please advise?

Asked by Anonymous user on 08/6/2014 12:31 AM

  • - Thank you for your question. The time curves chart is on the 2nd page of the data sheet.

    Fernando M. on 08/6/2014 9:26 AM

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