Steel EMT Conduit 2 Hole Mounting Strap

Securely Mount Pipe, Conduit, and EMT

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What's special about these EMT mounts?

  • Secures rigid EMT to a mounting surface for routing and support
  • Two-hole design offers extra support all around the pipe or conduit
  • Provides greater versatility for mounting horizontally, vertically, or suspended from ceilings or beams
  • 2-hole design allows you to mount a single strap to adjacent surfaces at the same time
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ULCSA Approved

These 2-hole mounting conduit straps from Bridgeport Fittings firmly hold your conduit, EMT, and pipe in place. These sturdy stainless steel pipe straps are one of the most effective methods for mounting, and give you the flexibility to route tubing in virtually any direction.

Part #DescriptionBox QuantityPrice Per Box
CON-880313951/2" Steel Two-Hole EMT Strap250
Manufacturer Direct
CON-880313963/4" Steel Two-Hole EMT Strap200
Manufacturer Direct
CON-880313971" Steel Two-Hole EMT Strap100
Manufacturer Direct
CON-880313981-1/4" Steel Two-Hole EMT Strap50
Manufacturer Direct
CON-880313991-1/2" Steel Two-Hole EMT Strap50
Manufacturer Direct
CON-880314002" Steel Two-Hole EMT Strap25
Manufacturer Direct
CON-880313903" Steel Two-Hole EMT Strap20
Manufacturer Direct
CON-880313934" Steel Two-Hole EMT Strap10
Manufacturer Direct
  • Secure attachment keeps pipes or conduit from shifting side to side
  • 2-hole design allows you to simultaneously attach the opposite ends of the clip to different surfaces
  • C-shaped design fully encloses tubing to prevent it from falling out
  • Can be used on wood, steel or concrete surfaces
  • Meets the following standard:
    • UNSPSC: 30211709
    • NEMA Standard: FB-1
    • CSA File Number: LR3935


*Note: Please comply with National and Local building and electrical code requirements when installing conduit and accessories for your wiring application.

diagram of 2-hole strap

Part # Description Dimensions (inches) Box Quantity
CON-88031395 1/2" Steel Two-Hole EMT Strap 1-15/16 3/4 3/16 250
CON-88031396 3/4" Steel Two-Hole EMT Strap 2-5/16 15/16 3/16 200
CON-88031397 1" Steel Two-Hole EMT Strap 2-3/16 1-3/16 3/16 100
CON-88031398 1 1/4" Steel Two-Hole EMT Strap 3-7/16 1-9/16 1/4 50
CON-88031399 1 1/2" Steel Two-Hole EMT Strap 3-1/2 1-13/16 1/4 50
CON-88031400 2" Steel Two-Hole EMT Strap 4-5/8 2-1/4 1/4 25
CON-88031390 3" Steel Two-Hole EMT Strap 7 3-9/16 3/8 20
CON-88031393 4" Steel Two-Hole EMT Strap 8-1/2 4-9/16 7/16 10





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