Kendall Howard® Lacing Cable Managers

Secure, organize, and support cables within your rack installation!

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What's special about these lacing cable managers?

  • Can be mounted above, below or over rackmount devices such as patch panels, switches, etc
  • Helps create an organized rack installation, allowing for easy access during maintenance or troubleshooting
  • Promotes proper bend radius and reduces strain on cable connection points
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Managing cables within any rack installation is absolutely crucial. It not only looks cleaner and more professional, but helps to protect your equipment. With these lacing products, you can easily organize the lengths of cabling attached to your patch panels and network switches.

Cable Lacing Panels
Part #DescriptionWidthHeightPrice
KH-1903-1-001-011U Flat Cable Lacing Panel19"1.72"
KH-1903-1-011-011U Flat Cable Lacing Panel - 10 pack19"1.72"
KH-1903-1-012-022U Flat Cable Lacing Panel - 10 pack19"3.47"
Cable Lacing Bars
Part #DescriptionWidthHeightPrice
KH-1903-1-100-00Flanged Lacing Bar19"1"
KH-1903-1-101-003" D Flanged Lacing Bar19"3"
KH-1903-1-102-005" D Flanged Lacing Bar19"5"
KH-1903-1-110-00Flanged Lacing Bar - 10 pack19"1"
KH-1903-1-111-003" D Flanged Lacing Bar - 10 pack19"3"
KH-1903-1-112-005" D Flanged Lacing Bar - 10 pack19"5"
Cable Lacing Shelf
Part #DescriptionWidthHeightPrice
KH-1903-1-200-011U Cable Lacing Shelf19"6"
  • All steel construction for a durable, long lasting solution
  • Slots accept up to 1/2" cable tie or hook & strap to securely manage cables
  • Lacing panels available in 1U or 2U versions to suit your application
  • Lacing slots cover the entire length of the panel, perfect for routing cabling to either side of the rack
  • Mounts in any standard 19" EIA compliant rack or enclosure cabinet
  • 100% made in the USA US flag


Part # Style Width Depth Height Finish Shipping Dimensions Pack Weight
KH-1903-1-001-01 Panel 19" 0.060" 1.72" Black Powder Coat 20x6x6 1 1 lb
KH-1903-1-011-01 Panel 19" 0.060" 1.72" Black Powder Coat 20x6x6 10 5.5 lbs
KH-1903-1-012-02 Panel 19" 0.060" 3.74" Black Powder Coat 20x6x6 10 10.5 lbs
KH-1903-1-100-00 Bar 19" 1" 0.583" Black Powder Coat 20x4x4 1 1 lb
KH-1903-1-101-00 Bar 19" 3" 0.563" Black Powder Coat 20x4x4 1 1 lb
KH-1903-1-102-00 Bar 19" 5" 0.563" Black Powder Coat 20x6x6 1 1 lb
KH-1903-1-110-00 Bar 19" 1" 0.563" Black Powder Coat 20x8x8 10 4 lbs
KH-1903-1-111-00 Bar 19" 3" 0.563" Black Powder Coat 20x8x8 10 4.5 lbs
KH-1903-1-112-00 Bar 19" 5" 0.563" Black Powder Coat 20x8x8 10 5.5 lbs
KH-1903-1-200-01 Shelf 19" 6" 1.72" Black Powder Coat 22x7x2.5 1 2 lbs







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Do you stock Kendall Howard RS-K13-971-1U?

Asked by Anonymous user on 03/10/2017 3:12 PM

  • - Hello, We don't stock part number KH-1903-1-001-01, however we can drop ship to Kendall Howard and they will typically take 1 day to ship out. Sometimes they will even ship out the same day. Please call us at 866-222-0030 and we can discuss your exact needs. Thank you,

    andrew b. on 03/14/2017 12:20 PM

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