Enclosure Rack - Quest 400 Series

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What's special about this enclosure rack?

  • Available fully assembled for fast setup or flat packed for reduced unit pricing and shipping costs
  • Strong since 14 to 18 gauge steel throughout
  • High ventilation, 2 fans of 80 cfm each
  • 2 large cutouts on the top panel for cable access
  • 4 fully adjustable internal mounting rails tapped for cage nuts
  • Front door reversible for left or right opening
  • Quick-turn (swing handle) keyed door latch for securing
  • Comes with all needed rails, leveling feet, casters, grounding bus and hardware
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Series 400 - 22.5" x 24" Size
Part #U/RmsOverallInternalWeightLoad CapacityColorPrice
QFE4019-202041.6" H x 23.6" W x 23.6" D35" H x 21.5" D129 lbs620 lbsBlack
QFE4019-282855.6" H x 23.6" W x 23.6" D49" H x 21.5" D160 lbs660 lbsBlack
QFE4019-343466.1" H x 23.6" W x 23.6" D59.5" H x 21.5" D205 lbs710 lbsBlack
QFE4019-404076.6" H x 23.6" W x 23.6" D70" H x 21.5" D228 lbs770 lbsBlack
QFE4019-454585.4" H x 23.6" W x 23.6" D78.7" H x 21.5" D251 lbs840 lbsBlack
Series 410 - 22.5" x 32" Size
Part #U/RmsOverallInternalWeightLoad CapacityColorPrice
QFE4119-202041.6" H x 23.6" W x 32" D35" H x 29.3" D158 lbs610 lbsBlack
QFE4119-282855.6" H x 23.6" W x 32" D49" H x 29.3" D188 lbs660 lbsBlack
QFE4119-343466.1" H x 23.6" W x 32" D59.5" H x 29.3" D242 lbs700 lbsBlack
QFE4119-404076.6" H x 23.6" W x 32" D70" H x 29.3" D270 lbs770 lbsBlack
QFE4119-454585.4" H x 23.6" W x 32" D78.7" H x 29.3" D290 lbs830 lbsBlack
Series 420 - 27.5" x 32" Size
Part #U/RmsOverallInternalWeightLoad CapacityColorPrice
QFE4219-404076.6" H x 27.6" W x 31.5" D70" H x 29.5" D302 lbs830 lbsBlack
QFE4219-454585.4" H x 27.6" W x 31.5" D78.7" X 29.5" D326 lbs880 lbsBlack

*OEM Requirements are welcome. We will consider custom designs for large volumes.

Part #DescriptionDimensionsPrice
Q-NP2Neat Patch Cable Management Unit (2U)
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19" W x 3.5" H x 8.875" D
QVC-06-050Vertical Cable Managers - 50 (EACH SIDE)
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5' 7" Height
QVF-07-100Vertical Cable Managers - 100 (EACH SIDE)
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5' 7" Height
  • Casters load cap. 630-900 lbs, depending on series
  • Meets or exceeds EIA 310D Standards
  • Call about custom colors



Floor Equipment Enclosure With Removable Panel


  • Structure: Cold Rolled Steel - 16 gauge
  • Side and rear panels:
    Cold Rolled Steel
    18 gauge (3, 4 & 5 ft. Heights)
    16 gauge (6 & 7 ft. Heights)
  • Base: Cold Rolled Steel - 14 gauge
  • Rails: Laminated Steel - 16 gauge
  • Front Door: smoked acrylic with ventilated steel frame


  • Paint: Electrostatic Microfinish
  • Black

*Custom colors available. Minimum quantities apply.

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ul rating on quest QFE4019-40-BK-K - I have an electrical inspector in Florida stating that this rack needs to have a UL rating on it - I cann't locate it. Do you have nay info on it??

Asked by Anonymous user on 05/6/2015 2:00 PM

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