Chatsworth Rack Mounting Screws & Installation Kits

Secure Equipment to the Rack And Then to the Floor

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What's special about these hardware accessories?

  • Attaches all of your equipment to Chatsworth racks with combination pilot point and pan head screws
  • Secures your CPI racks to either concrete or wood floors
  • Kits include all of the hardware necessary: anchors, washers, bolts and nuts
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With Chatsworth 12-24 screws, you can secure all of your electronics, shelves and more into server racks and enclosures. The combination of the pan head and pilot point screws reduces cross-threading while allowing you to use either a Philips or flat head screwdriver. The installation kits come with the needed nuts and bolts to secure your rack or frame to the floor.

Part #DescriptionQtyWeightPrice
QCH-40605-005Rack Screws, Combination Pan Head / Pilot Point, 12-24501 lb
QCH-40604-001Concrete Anchor Kit
4 each of 3/8" anchors, stud bolts, nuts, flat washers and locking washers
1 kit1 lb
QCH-40607-001Wood Anchor Kit
4 each of 3/8" anchors, stud bolts, nuts, flat washers and locking washers
1 kit1 lb
  • Mounting screws are zinc-plated and available with a black finish
  • Combination screw heads allow for use of either flat or Philips-style screwdrivers
  • Install kits include anchors, bolts, washers and nuts for either wood or concrete


12-24 Rack Screw
Part # QCH-40605-005
Quantity per Pack 50
Finish Zinc-plated
Color Black
Weight 1 lb
Floor Installation Kits
Part # QCH-40604-001 QCH-40607-001
Contents of Kit (4) 3/8" anchors, (4) stud bolts, (4) nuts, (4) flat washers, (4) locking washers
Finish zinc-plated
Weight 1 lb

No manuals available








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