Triplett Model 60 Analog Tester

Dependable and Accurate Volt/Ohm Meter Engineered to Withstand Grueling Field Work


What's special about this analog VOM?

  • Multi-range meter designed to provide reliable measurements and readings needed for testing electrical fixtures, troubleshooting electronic equipment, locating a dead fuses and batteries
  • Unique three-fuse design provides normal and high-energy overload protection to virtually eliminate the inconvenience of burned-out parts resulting from fault currents that exceed the capabilities of a single-fuse design
  • Rugged, high-impact orange housing preserves the tester's accuracy by protecting sensitive components from the accidental drops (up to 5 feet) and rough handling associated with day-to-day field use
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The Model 60 Volt/Ohm Meter from Triplett is a multiple range/function instrument designed for general electrical and electronic testing and measurement. Rugged construction, combined with a unique three-fuse electrical system, makes the Model 60 the ideal electrical tester for professionals requiring the highest level of durability, dependability, and safety when working in the field.

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Part #DescriptionDimensionsWeightPrice
TR-3145Analog Tester - Model 60 (VOM - 28 ranges)10" L x 6.5" W x 4.5" D3.1 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
Test Leads
Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
TR-79-12748" Test leads w/ insulated screw-on alligator clips0.5 lb
Manufacturer Direct
TR-79-37448" Test leads w/ insulated screw-on alligator clips (female jack)0.5 lb
Manufacturer Direct
  • Specially engineered electrical system helps to prevent explosive arcs in high energy circuits up to the 2 AMP/1000V (20 kW) fuse capacity
  • Fully insulated construction provides additional protection to the user in the event the unit becomes overloaded
  • Built-in confidence test allows the user to periodically check the leads, batteries, fuses and meter accuracy to ensure the instrument is always functional and working ideally
  • Mirrored scale helps reduce optical  errors when reading measurements on  the instrument
  • 28 ranges/functions for use in a wide variety of home, commercial, and industrial applications
  • Decibel function for audio work
  • Convenient carrying handle for easy transportation to and from jobsite
  • Handle can also be rotated to prop the tester up at a 30 degree angle for easy viewing
  • Polarity reversing switch
  • AC/DC voltage to 1000V
  • DC current to 1000 mA
  • Resistance to 10MΩ
  • Decibel ranges from -20dBm to +52dBm
  • AC voltage frequency response to 40 KHz typical
  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


DC Voltage 8 (300mV to 1000V)
1.5% full scale
AC Voltage 6 (3V to 1200V)
3% full scale
5KΩ / Volt
DC Current 4 (0.1mA to 1A)
1.5% full scale
Resistance 5 (1KΩ to 10KMΩ)
1.5% full scale
dB Ranges 5 (-20dBm to +52dBm)
Total Ranges / Functions 28


Meter Protection Diode Meter Protection
Fuse 1/8A/ 250V
1A/ 250V
2A/ 1000V


Polarity Reversing Switch Yes
High Accuracy Yes
Mirrored Scale Yes
X-tra Rugged Case Yes
Confidence Test Yes
Optional AC Clamp-On Model 10 (60-211)


Battery 1 - 9V, 1 -D-Cell
(H x W x D)
3.25" x 5.25" x 7.25"
Weight 4 lbs.






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