Distance & Level Meters

When a tape measure just won't cut it, a distance meter can help you go the...well, you know. And you won't even have to take a take a single step. Whether you're trying to measure a hundred feet or a hundred meters, we've got the distance meter to suit your needs. These meters are perfect for a variety of applications, whether you're a contractor, architect, construction worker, surveyor, landscaper, or really any position where you could benefit from quickly and accurately measuring distance without wasting a lot of time walking and counting steps.

Want Accurate Measurements? Use a Distance or Level Meter

How many times have you found yourself struggling with a tape measure that has limited distance? Measuring something with someone else might work, but if you are by yourself, forget about it. You may as well try to measure something in arm's lengths… you may just get more accuracy. Same goes for trying to measure the sound level, you simply can't do it accurately without the right tools. So if you want to do something professionally, get to know our distance and level meters!


Distance meters accurately how far an object is without you having to move and inch. Put your tape measure down and use one of these to help you fine tune your accuracy and make sure your counts are on point. Level meters test the sound pressure of an area so that you can make sure things are at a decent level and will pass regulations. No matter what industry you work in, you can greatly benefit from how fast and accurately these devices measure distance and sound.


The Distance Meter

CableOrganizer.com is happy to carry an innovative hand-help laser meter that can accurately measure distance up to 100m without a target plate, and 200m with a target plate. It has a laser beam - also known as a Pointfinder - to help you make sure you are pointing at the right target. If you are working in a large space, this device saves you time. And saved time means saved money!


In addition, this device has a large color display and a 40 degree tilt sensor. It can be used inside or out, and also has add-ons you can purchase to enhance it even more!


The Level Meter

When you need to figure out the sound pressure of an area, the only real way to do so is to use a level meter. The BK Precision Class 2 Sound Level Meter meets tolerance standards so that you get a proper and accurate reading. It automatically logs data so that you don't have to do it yourself, and it can be used for personal at-home use to something as large and loud as a sports complex.


It is great for technicians who need to accurately measure noise pollution, or for someone who is trying to make sure their home noise level is on point. Either way, it is a great tool to make sure things are at the noise level they should be.