Rack-a-Tiers Pro GrabIt Industrial Damaged Screw Remover

Damaged Screws Have You Seeing Red? Now You Can Remove Damaged Screws Quickly and Easily

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What's special about this screw remover for damaged screws?

  • This tool has a reamer on one end and the remover on the other end for a complete removal system in one
  • Allows you to extract even jagged, uneven and rough screws
  • Easy to use: drill the head of the damaged screw so the remover side can grab and remove the screw
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There aren't many things that are as upsetting as trying to get out a stripped screw head. There is nothing you can do really - you can't drive it in and you can't back it out. Until now that is. Now, with the invention of the Pro Grab It Industrial Series, there is a solution! Whether a screw was over-tightened when installed or has basically lost its tread from time and excessive use, this extraction tool is all you need. Removes broken or stripped screws of any size.

Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
RAT-72120Pro Grab It Industrial Series Damaged Screw Remover0.4 lb
Manufacturer Direct
  • The self centering tip makes this so simple anyone can use it - no professional experience required
  • Bits are also able to be used with a 1/4" hex screwdriver and can be conveniently attached to a 1/4" quick connect system
  • Use with any 3/8" reversible drill
  • Able to extract screws up to 4" inches in length from wood, metal or plastic
  • Kit includes two bits; sizes 2 and 3
  • Perfect for extracting screws made from just about any alloy, even soft brass
  • Remove all types of screws: slotted, hex, Phillips, Frearson, torx, square drive, Tri-Wing, Pozidriv and most tamper resistant screws
  • Bits are stored in a convenient, easy to carry and store, plastic case
  • These bits are specifically engineered to grab hold of the damaged screw head
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty


instructional diagram for using Pro Grabit screw remover DIRECTIONS FOR USE
  1. Insert the bit directly into your drill or quick-change chuck, the burnishing end showing
  2. Set the drill to the reverse setting
  3. Place burnishing end of tool into damaged screw and slowly clean inside screw head until smooth
  4. Remove the Burnishing end from the chuck, flip the tool around and replace into drill chuck. The remover end showing
  5. Keep the drill in the reverse setting
  6. Place remover end of tool into the now smooth screw head you just created
  7. Apply firm downward pressure, drill at slow speed. Apply lowest level of power to the hand drill
  8. Remover end of the bit will thread into screw head and remove

  Grabit #1 Grabit #2
Screw Sizes: #4 - #6 #8 - #10
Bolt Sizes: #10 1/4"




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