PRO-Strike™ Punchdown Tool

Rugged & Comfortable combined


What's special about this punchdown tool?

  • Made to terminate and cut CAT 3, CAT 5, CAT 5e, and CAT 6 Cables
  • Works with 110, 66, 630, Krone and BIX™ style blades
  • Includes industry standard yellow color code on the cut side
  • Twist & lock (bayonet style) retention socket works with industry stadard blades
  • Built-in hook can feed or remove wires
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The PRO-Strike™ Punchdown Tool provides professional, precise, and reliable terminations. Featuring enhanced functions, a rugged design and ergonomic grip for comfort; this hand tool provides the piece-of-mind an installer needs when he walks away from a finished job.

Punchdown Tools
Part #DescriptionPrice
PL-13155CPRO-Strike Punchdown Tool, w/66 blade
PL-13156CPRO-Strike Punchdown Tool, w/110 blade
PL-13157CPRO-Strike Punchdown Tool, w/66 & 110 blades
PL-13159CPRO-Strike Punchdown Tool, w/66/110 Combo blade
Part #DescriptionPrice
PL-13031CPunchdown Blade, NEVERDull™ 110/66 Style.
PL-13032CPunchdown Blade, NEVERDull™ 110 Style.
PL-13033CPunchdown Blade, NEVERDull™ 66 Style.
PL-13023CPunchdown Blade, BIX Style
PL-13024CPunchdown Blade, Krone Style
  • Low effort wire seating because of spring load
  • Multi-use spudger for screwdriver, IDC insert tool or debris cleaning
  • Meets 8762D spec standard with adjustable low and high force impact
  • Includes blade storage compartment on the handle
  • Great for use in sensitive circuitry

Pro-Strike Punchdown Tool Specifications

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