Black Box® DVI to USB 3.0 Converter

Get the Most Out of Your Quality DVI Display or Monitor


What’s special about this digital video convertor?

  • Converts your DVI signal to USB for connecting additional displays to your computer or laptop.
  • 1080p max resolution retains the original quality of the source.
  • Hot-swappable for convenient connection; you need not restart the computer to use this unit.
  • USB power eliminates the clutter and bulk of an AC adapter.
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When HD video was largely migrated from DVI to HDMI, DVI monitors did not cease to function or lose quality. In fact, DVI and HDMI have the same max resolution, 1080. If you have a laptop, even a new one, chances are it will not have a DVI port. So instead of getting rid of your quality DVI monitor, grab this DVI to USB 3.0 converter instead. Just connect your monitor to the unit, connect the unit to your computer, and you’re good to go. Unlike some other convertors, it works with sleep, hibernate, and suspend just like your on-board ports.

Part # Description Max Resolution Usb Version Price
(1) USB 3.0 DVI Adapter
(1) USB 3.0 Cable
(1) manual on CD-ROM (includes drivers)
(1) Quick Start Guide
1080p USB 3.0
  • Supports mirror and extend modes
  • Resumes automatically from suspend, sleep, and hibernation modes for seamless operation.
  • Ideal for using any DVI monitor with your laptop or other computer that lacks a DVI port.
  • Approvals CE, FCC
    Connectors (1) USB 3.0 Micro B F, (1) DVI F
    Enclosure Type ABS plastic
    Operating System  Windows XP, Vista 7 and 8
    Requirements 30 Mb of available HDD space
    System Requirements Intel Dul Core 1.8 Ghz, 512 MB RAM, 1 available USB 3.0 port
    Dimensions 3.3"H x 2.1"W x .6"D
    (8.4 x 5.3 x 1.7 cm)
    Weight less than 1 lb.
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