Dark Sky Wall Packs

Cut-Off Design Reduces the Amount of Light Being Directed Upward


What's special about these luminaires?

  • Cut-off design prevents any light from shining up to the sky, meeting local Dark Sky requirements
  • Sleek design offers precise lighting for the exteriors of retail buildings, park facilities, businesses, walkways, underpasses or entrance doors
  • Heavy duty two-piece, die-cast aluminum housing stands up to years of wear and tear - perfect for industrial applications
  • Available in either a medium or large size to suit your specific application
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Dark Sky Wall Packs reduce the nocturnal glow and glare that's frowned upon in urban and coastal areas. By casting the light only downward, these Dark Sky Compliant fixtures use less energy while allowing people to see the stars and reducing the effects of unnatural lighting on nocturnal animals.

Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
MOR-72096Replacement Door Frame with Glass Mounted for Medium Cutoff Wall Pack7 lbs
MOR-72098Replacement Door Frame with Glass Mounted for Large Cutoff Wall Pack9.7 lbs
  • Bronze powder coated finish protects from impact, corrosion and UV damage
  • Clear tempered glass lens is thermal and shock resistant for true durability
  • UL 1598 listed for damp or wet locations
  • Can be installed upside down as an uplight for wall-washing applications
  • Features 3 threaded apertures for insertion of conduit or an external photo control for automatic functionality
  • All models include your choice of a HPS (High Pressure Sodium) or a MH (Metal Halide) lamp
  • Replacement door and glass frames make it easy to fix damage without removing the entire unit


Material Die Cast Aluminum
Color Bronze Powder Coated
Operating Temperature -22° to 104° F [-30° to 40° C]
UL Listing UL 1598 - Wet Location


dimensions for medium wall pack dimensions for large wall pack
graph of medium flood chart chart of large flood chart
175 Watt Metal Halide
15' Mounting Height
400 Watt Metal Halide
25' Mounting Height
Multipliers for Different Mounting Heights
Mounting Height 10' 12' 15'
Multiply by 2.25 1.56 1.0
Multipliers for Different Wattages
Wattage 175 150  
HPS, multiply by   1.19  
Metal Halide, multiply by 1.0    
Multipliers for Different Mounting Heights
Mounting Height 20' 25' 32'
Multiply by 1.43 1.0 0.57
Multipliers for Different Wattages
Wattage 250 400  
HPS, multiply by 0.833    
Metal Halide, multiply by 0.625 1.0  





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