UPM-DT523 Outdoor Programmable Timer with Photocell

Increase Home Security and Energy Savings with a Programmable Timer


What's special about this timer?

  • Weather resistant "drip proof" cover makes this excellent for outdoor applications and protects your timer from damage even during inclement conditions.
  • Built-in photocell detects the presence of sunlight and will not switch lights on unless it is dark out which saves you money.
  • One daily programmable timed event allows you to switch lights on and off regardless of sunlight and darkness.
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The UPM-DT523 is designed to reduce the amount of time lights are used after dark. For example, even if your lights are programmed to switch on at 6pm but if the sun does not set until 7pm, the timer will not go on until 7pm. If you prefer the lights are activated at 6pm regardless of lighting, you can program your timer so that they do come on.

Important Note:
If timer is being used outdoors, it should be mounted at least three feet above the ground (with the receptacle plug facing down) to avoid a shock hazard.

Part # Description Dimensions Weight Price
UPM-DT523 UPM Outdoor Programmable Timer with Photocell 2.44" W x 4" H x 1.69" D
(62mm W X 102mm H X 43mm D)
0.407 lb

No problem, the programmable timer offers a manual override, which enables the load to be turned on and off without affecting the programming. This programmable switch timer is a great device to help you reduce your energy consumption by scheduling the time an electrical device can be on. Install these programmable timers and start raking in the savings!

  • Use the "Random" setting to eliminate the potentially hazardous condition of coming home to a dark garden or home or just to give your home that lived in appearance that deters criminals.
  • Forget to turn your lights off frequently? Not to worry, this timer takes care of that.
  • No more running outside in your pajamas during a snow storm to turn your lights on or off!
  • Manual on/off control allows you to override a program for convenience.
  • Digital LCD screen and LED status indicator have an easy to read clock display and lets you know when the timer is on and programmed.
  • Use this for indoor and outdoor applications on small appliances and lighting up to 1800W.
  • Versatile design allows you to use with either a 2 or 3 pronged outlet.
  • Complies with UL60730-2-7 and CAN/CSA-E730-2-7-94
  • This is a “green” product which means it is earth friendly and offers a more convenient and secure home environment while promoting energy conservation.
  • By limiting the amount of time your lights are on after dark you can significantly reduce the amount of energy being used as well as the associated costs.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Applications: Excellent for use with holiday lights, patio lighting, block heaters and security lighting

    Operational Modes: - Continuous on from dusk to dawn
    - On at night limited by a program
    - Manually switched on
    Power Rating: 120V CA, 8A, 60 Hz
    Max. Resistive Load: 1800W, 15 A
    6000W tungsten
    Max. Programs: 1 on and off time per day
    Warranty: 1-year manufacturer, limited

    Important Note: If timer is being used outdoors, it shoul be mounted at least three feet above the ground (with the receptacle plug facing down) to avoid a shock hazard.



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