Leviton Wall Switch PIR Occupancy Sensor

Lower Your Electric Bills by Turning Lights On and Off Automatically


What's special about this lighting control?

  • Passive infrared technology (PIR) turns the light on when someone enters a room and automatically turns it off when they leave
  • As an energy saver, the ambient light override in the sensor will prevent these devices from turning on when there is sufficient natural sun light in the room
  • Use anywhere in your home or office including bathrooms, hallways, garages, basements closets, and laundry rooms
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ULCSA Approved

The Leviton PIR Occupancy Sensors are attractive Decora® style devices that will turn lights on and off using passive infrared technology by detecting the heat and movement of the human body.

Suitable for any indoor location, these convenient occupancy sensors can also adjust to be timed from 15 seconds to 15 minutes and then switch off to save electricity. Light sensitivity can also be manually adjusted.

  • Contains manual controls so you can adjust for light sensitivity and the amount of time delay desired before the lights turn off
  • Fits perfectly into standard wall boxes for an easy installation
  • Has a 150° field of view with 350 ft2 of coverage for great coverage in most homes or small offices
  • A single pole for convenient one-switch locations
  • Features a 1800 watt capacity
  • As an energy saver, the ambient light override in the sensor will prevent these devices from turning on when there is sufficient natural sun light in the room
  • The sensor has a time selector that can be manually adjusted to delay the lights turning off from 15 seconds to 15 minutes after someone has left the room
  • Light levels can also be adjusted to customize your environment by turning the control for darker or lighter conditions
  • Sensors can also be used as a standard on/off switch using its manual override function
  • Use with any Decora® wallplate or Decora Plus™ screwless wallplate  for a beautiful finished look
  • Colors available to match your décor include ivory, white, and almond
  • Manufactured of thermoplastic construction by Leviton; an ISO9001 certified quality manufacturer
  • UL listed 773A and CSA certified to provide safety standards for non industrial photoelectric switches
  • 2-Year limited product warranty from Leviton


Decora Wall plate Switch Dimension PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS
Operating Temperature Range: 32° to 122° F
Storage Temperature Range: 14° to 185° F
Relative Humidity: 20% to 90% non-condensing
Agency Approval: UL Listed (File #E-118904), CSA Certified (File #LR-91148M)
Line Voltage: 120VAC
Operating Frequency 60HZ
Load Rating Incandescent: 500W @ 120V
Rapid Start Magnetic Fluorescent
Ballasts Only: 400VA @ 120V
Size: 4.06" H x1.75" W x 2.60" D

Note: For optimal performance, install occupancy sensors at least 6 feet away from any HVAC ( heating, ventilating and air conditioning) air ducts or registers. Keep the motion area clear. Some obstructions including furniture windows, glass and shower doors may limit the sensor from detecting motion.





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