Power Data Spheres® for Desks, Tables, or Counters

A Small Power and Data Outlet with Lots of Potential



What's special about these desk mounted power sockets?

  • A full sphere only needs a 3" diameter hole to house the four outlets, whether you chose 2 power & 2 data, 4 power or 4 data
  • The compact size is ideal for offices, schools, counters or any surface that would require power and/or data
  • Available in several colors to compliment the décor of the setting
  • Data half sphere can easily be reconfigured to suit changes in network needs
  • Power half sphere comes with either 6ft or 10ft 3-prong cord, or a hardwire whip for a permanent installation
  • Purchase multiple half spheres at once and just snap them together as needed
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These compact spheres offer power or data options in a simple dome that take up only 3" diameter of a table, desk or counter. They can be purchased either in full spheres of all power, power & data or all data, or in half spheres and snapped together. Data halves are configurable to suit the needs of the job, whether you need an ethernet, serial or XLR port.

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Full Sphere
Part #OutletsPower Cord TypePower Cord LengthPrice
BY-BE02262-72(2) Power & (2) Data *Hardwire Whip10 ft
BY-BE02263-72(4) Power w/ Hardwire WhipHardwire Whip6 ft
BY-BE02261(4) Data *N/AN/A

* Includes Voice/Data Adapter Kit

Retrofit USB Chargers
Part #Type/FeaturesImageColorPrice
BY-BE03844-AV-72Retrofit USB Simplex ChargerPower Data Spheres® for Desks, Tables, or Counters BY-BE03844-AV-72White
BY-BE03844-C-72Retrofit USB Simplex ChargerPower Data Spheres® for Desks, Tables, or Counters BY-BE03844-C-72Black

* Includes Voice/Data Adapter Kit

  • Power spheres are available with standard 6 ft. and 10 ft. power cords, or in New York-compliant hardwired versions
  • Minimizes the amount of cables under the desk for great wire management and safety
  • Compact 3-3/8" overall diameter takes up little room on your workstation, preserving space for your devices
  • Fast, easy installation requires only a 3 inch hole saw
  • Proudly made in the USA



Cutout Diameter 3" [7,62 cm]
Cord Length Standard: 6 ft [1,82 m] or 10 ft [3,04 m]
Overall Dimensions 3.375" W x 3" H [8,57 x 7,62 cm]
Weight, Half Sphere Data Half Sphere: 2.2 oz
Power Half Sphere: 1 lb [0,45 kg]
Power Half Sphere, Hardwire: 2.7 lbs [1,22 kg]
Weight, Full Sphere Power/Data Full Sphere: 1.25 lb [0,56 kg]
Power/Data Full Sphere, Hardwire: 3.0 lbs [1,36 kg]
Data Full Sphere: 0.25 lb [0,11 g]






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