ChordSaver™ Decorative Cord Covers (Floor or Wall)

Great Looking Protection for Your Cables


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What's special about these decorative cord protectors?

  • Designed for small applications, up to (4) 1/4" cables
  • Hard PVC body provides great protection from foot traffic
  • Various colors to match different floor types, including a custom stainable wood finish
  • Come in 36" lengths for easy shipping
  • Safe to walk on and reduces tripping hazards
  • Read about hiding cables on a hardwood floor
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ChordSavers™ decorative cord covers are a unique cable management solution to protect your electrical cords and power cables in the home, office, recording studio, and much more. These decorative wire covers eliminate the use of expensive tapes that provide zero protection. This floor cable hider comes in an easy two-piece snap-together system with interlocking design. Customizable to any cable run length. ChordSavers™ also features dual adhesion strips that help reduce the possibility of slippage on most floor surfaces.

Part #DescriptionColorsLengthWeightQuantity Per PackPrice
CHS-CHO-INDChordSaver™ Cord Cover - SingleBlack, Yellow, White, Gray, Clear, Silver, Dark Oak, Light Oak, Antique Oak, Modern Oak, Cherry, Stainable36"0.6 lb1
Manufacturer Direct
Part #DescriptionWidthLengthColorPrice
WR-DST10-CLDouble Sided Tape3/4"10'Transparent
SBV-RH100Rubber-Based Adhesive Sticky Back® Velcro Hook 881"1'Transparent
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  • Covers come in wide variety of colors including a few wood finishes and even a stainable wood color to custom match just about any floor.
  • Dual, tacky non-skid rubber backing to secure in place.
  • Removable cover
  • Holds up to (4) 1/4” cables (XLR, guitar cables, audio cables)
  • Interlock to desired length
  • 2 anti-slip adhesive strips at the base


1-3/4" 36" 5/8" 0.6 lbs

Dimensions are per piece.






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Questions & Answers


Lamp cords - Can these be used to cover the cords on table lamps where they must run across the floor to an outlet?

Asked by Anonymous user on 04.27 PM Friday, 24 July, 2015

  • - Thank you for your question. Yes, they can be used this way.

    Fernando M. on 09.45 AM Monday, 25 July, 2016

Length size - Is the Length 36 inches or 36 feet

Asked by Anonymous user on 01.53 PM Monday, 30 November, 2015

  • - Thank you for your question. The length is 36 inches.

    Fernando M. on 09.45 AM Monday, 25 July, 2016

outdoor - Can I use this outdoors?

Asked by Anonymous user on 12.39 PM Friday, 13 May, 2016

  • - Thank you for your question. Yes you can.

    Fernando M. on 09.45 AM Monday, 25 July, 2016

Does the wood grain come with the black base? - The black edge base ruins the whole point of the wood grain to blend in with a floor. I'd like to buy the stainable wood grain cover, but will the base be black? Is the base rim stainable as well? If this is a PVC product- does it really hold a stain, or will the stain just scrape off? Thanks.

Asked by Anonymous user on 10.17 AM Saturday, 23 July, 2016

  • - Thank you for your question. The stainable wood grain cover is made of PVC and yes it does still have the darker rim underneath. Unfortunately the manufacturer only makes it this way.

    Fernando M. on 09.47 AM Monday, 25 July, 2016
  • - Did you buy the stainable PVC, that was my concern as well. I would like to know what you thought.

    Anonymous user on 08.36 PM Wednesday, 14 September, 2016

How would I shorten the Chord Saver to use in a door jam?

Asked by Anonymous user on 09.36 AM Saturday, 12 November, 2016

  • - Thank you for your question. This item is a PVC material a standard saw would be able to cut through it. Let us know if you have any other questions - we are happy to help.

    Anonymous user on 05.05 PM Friday, 27 January, 2017

ChordSaver - Is the cherry colour still available? Can't see it in the drop down list.

Asked by Anonymous user on 06.36 PM Wednesday, 23 November, 2016

  • - Thank you for your question. The available colors for this item are black, gray, dark oak, & light oak. Please call 866-222-0030 if you have any additional questions

    thiago t. on 03.19 PM Friday, 03 February, 2017

Do you have the cherry? Is the picture above the dark or light oak?

Asked by Anonymous user on 12.12 PM Sunday, 04 December, 2016

  • - Thank you for your question. At this time the color options are Black, Gray, Light Oak, Dark Oak. Please call 866-222-0030 if you have any additional questions

    thiago t. on 12.13 PM Friday, 10 February, 2017

The description says light oak, dark oak, cherry - even a picture. The dropdown options are grey, black, dark oak or light oak. Where's the cherry?

Asked by Anonymous user on 02.54 PM Tuesday, 03 January, 2017

  • - Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The manufacturer has discontinued some color options including Yellow, White, Cherry and stainable. I will have my marketing department fix this right away

    Anonymous user on 04.32 PM Friday, 17 February, 2017

Will the double sided tape damage my wood floors? I have one room with real wood and another with vinyl "wood" and I'm concerned that sticking it to the floor will remove the finish.

Asked by Anonymous user on 04.05 AM Tuesday, 28 February, 2017

  • - The tape should not damage your floor. The tape is sticky enough to hold your cord cover in place but not that sticky that it can't pull away easily.

    Anonymous user on 01.06 PM Wednesday, 08 March, 2017

Is there a picture of what the dark oak and light oak look like. I would call my hardwood floor medium color so I don't know what color to order. I was going to order the stainable, but it must be discontinued.

Asked by Anonymous user on 11.25 PM Tuesday, 11 April, 2017

  • - Hello, Yes, we do have a picture of the light and dark oak side by side. If you scroll through the pictures at the top of the page, you will see them side by side on the fourth picture. I hope this help, however if you have more questions please give us a call toll free at 866-222-0030

    andrew b. on 03.02 PM Wednesday, 12 April, 2017

how thick of a cord will it hold

Asked by Anonymous user on 11.04 AM Saturday, 01 July, 2017

  • - Hello, This protector will hold a cord with a width up to 1-3/4?.

    Anonymous user on 04.19 PM Friday, 07 July, 2017

Will this hold a subwoofer cable and 2 sets of 12 gauge speaker wire?

Asked by Anonymous user on 07.41 AM Friday, 29 September, 2017

  • - Yes, this cord cover will cover those wires.

    andrew b. on 01.20 PM Tuesday, 03 October, 2017

Can it be cut for. Shorter distance?

Asked by Anonymous user on 12.38 PM Monday, 19 March, 2018

  • - Yes, this can be cut with a hacksaw, use cause though because the plastic could splinter

    Anonymous user on 04.02 PM Wednesday, 28 March, 2018

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How to Hide Cables on Hardwood Floors

Nothing Ruins the Look of High-End Hardwood Floors Like Ugly Cables... Except Maybe Severe Flooding

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Hardwood floors. That's how you know you've made it. Having hardwood floors is like having a neon sign that says “I AM FANCY” but way less tacky and desperate. Whether we're shopping for new homes or looking to upgrade the ones we already live in, hardwood flooring is usually at the top of the desired features list. Nobody gets excited about linoleum or carpet, but bring a board of Patagonian Rosewood into view, and prepare to be blinded by the smiles reflected in its glossy finish. Design-wise, hardwood floors are the pinnacle of warmth, beauty, and character. And nothing ruins all that wonderfully woody goodness like a bunch of ugly, snaky, tangled cables. Or worse, solid plastic cord covers. You wanna keep that hardwood feel but still hide your cables in plain sight? We'll show you how!

ChordSavers™ Floor Cord Covers

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These tough cable protectors may be made of PVC, but they have cleverly disguised themselves as wood grain. They are the chameleons of the cord cover world. Or the Predators, if you're a sci-fi fan. Unlike the flexible plastic cord protectors that you're trying to avoid, ChordSavers™ are rigid, grip the floor without adhesives, and are, dare we say... attractive. Is it getting a little warm in here, or is it just those fancy lookin' cord covers? Phew…Anyway, using them is easy – just separate the flat base from its arched "wood" cover, lay a few cables across it, and then snap the cover back on. They're availabe in pre-fab Light Oak, Dark Oak and Cherry finishes, but if your wood flooring has an uncommon finish that requires a more exact match, there's always the "unfinished" stainable version. With the look of natural wood, this particular ChordSaver™ readily accepts any wood stain, so just brush on a coat or two, and then gasp in amazement as the cord cover disappears into your floor.

The Cable Shield

bear in front of Cable Shield

If you're looking for a terracotta finish to match your Spanish or Mediterranean style home décor, give the Cable Shield a shot. Like the ChordSaver™ covers, the Shield is also a two-piece, rigid PVC cord cover, but it's available in five different widths, as well as the option of terracotta finish. The underside is coated with an adhesive backing, which locks the cord cover into place on any smooth floor. Able to withstand up to 661 pounds of pressure from foot traffic or heavy furniture, a good size Grizzly Bear could sit on your Shield with no problem. Well, there's certain to be problems if a Grizzly is in your house, but broken Cable Shields won't be one of them!