Carbon Fiber Braided Sleeving

Stability, Durability, and Lightweight Construction of Carbon Fiber Combined with the Flexibility and Protection of Braided Sleeving

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What's special about this carbon fiber tubular sleeving?

  • Constructed from lightweight and durable carbon fibers to provide excellent protection for cables, hoses, brake lines, hydraulic lines, or other tubular type products
  • Braids can be left exposed for a natural carbon fiber look or painted/coated for additional protection and aesthetic qualities
  • Tightly braided 0.050” sleeving provides a stiff yet flexible profile to accommodate cable radius and contours
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Resin coated Carbon Fiber products continue to gain popularity, thanks to being lighter and stronger than practically all other available construction materials. This is why carbon fiber is used in all sorts of applications ranging from military, aerospace, automobiles, models, and even fishing rods. When woven tightly into a braided sleeving, you can now add the lightweight strength and stylish qualities of carbon fibers to all sorts of tubular applications.

Part #Nominal SizeWall ThicknessMin Expansion RangeMax Expansion RangeSpool LengthWeightPrice
BSCAL025-500FT1/4"0.013"1/8"5/16"500 FT190 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
BSCAL050-250FT1/2"0.013"1/4"5/8"250 FT187.5 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
BSCAL075-250FT3/4"0.013"5/16"7/8"250 FT302.5 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
BSCAL100-200FT1"0.013"3/8"1-1/16"200 FT302 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
BSCAL125-125FT1-1/4"0.013"1/2"1-1/2"125 FT226.25 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
BSCAL150-100FT1-1/2"0.013"5/8"1-3/4"100 FT226 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
BSCAL200-100FT2"0.013"3/4"2-3/16"100 FT272 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
  • Durable carbon fibers can easily be machined down to a fine and smooth surface for professional quality finishing or resin coating
  • Easy to work with construction allows do-it-yourselfers or professional fabricators to achieve faster turnaround times on custom applications
  • Can be sanded, cut, and drilled using standard power tools or hand tools, providing lower labor costs and reducing the need for expensive machine shop services
  • Cuts easily with scissors or a reliable hot knife, leaving minimal fraying and a cleaner edge
  • Stylish and metallic looking carbon fibers mate well with metal fittings and compliment other cable management products
  • Carbon fiber braid forms itself to accommodate uneven or asymmetrical surfaces, while providing full radial stability and torsional strength


BSCAL025 1/4" 0.013" 1/8" 5/16"
BSCAL050 1/2" 0.013" 1/4" 5/8"
BSCAL075 3/4" 0.013" 5/16" 7/8"
BSCAL100 1" 0.013" 3/8" 1-1/16"
BSCAL125 1-1/4" 0.013" 1/2" 1-1/2"
BSCAL150 1-1/2" 0.013" 5/8" 1-3/4"
BSCAL200 2" 0.013" 3/4" 2-3/16"


Material: Polyacrylonitrile (PAN)
Abrasion Resistance: Medium
Abrasion Test Machine: Taber 5150
Abrasion Test Wheel: Calibrase H-18
Abrasion Test Load: 500g
Room Temperature: 70° F
Humidity: 59%
Visible Moderate Wear: 20 Test Cycles
Material Completely Worn Through / Material Destroyed: 40 Test Cycles
Pre-Test Weight: 3,450.9 mg
Post-Test Weight: 2,551.7 mg
Test End Loss Of Mass / Point Of Destruction: 899.2 mg
Flammability Rating: Non Flammable
Chemical Resistance Esters/Keystones: No Effect
Chemical Resistance UV Light: Little Effect
Recommended Cutting: Scissor
Specific Gravity: 1.75-1.85 (ASTM D-792)







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