Cantex® 1/2" PVC Schedule 40 Terminal Adapters

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What's special about this Cantex PVC terminal adapter?

ULCSA Approved

This Cantex PVC Schedule 40 connector is used to create a link or transition from a plain end PVC conduit to a threaded metal or PVC female bell. This male adapter can also be used to connect PVC conduit to a threaded body with the use of a lock nut.

Part #DescriptionPrice / Unit
CTX-5140104Cantex Rigid PVC 3/4" Terminal Adapter
CTX-5140105Cantex Rigid PVC 1" Terminal Adapter
CTX-5140107Cantex Rigid PVC 1-1/2" Terminal Adapter
  • Ideal for threaded fittings and metallic system applications
  • There is a male thread on one end, and a socket end on the other
  • Makes joining PVC to metal or copper conduit possible
  • UL listed, so you are assured of high quality and standards
  • Available in 1/2" to 1-1/2” sizes (please call for additional sizes)
  • CSA Certified


The Cantex terminal adapter is made of one solvent weld female end and one threaded male end; each of which will fit the same diameter conduit.
The only significant risk of using PVC materials occurs during a fire, because burning PVC can release toxic fumes, such as carbon monoxide and other gases which are injurious to all sensitive skin areas and the breathing function. Skin irritation and coughing may result.


Ideal for use with:

  • EMT Conduit
  • Electrical Non-Metallic Conduit
  • Sprinkler systems
  • New and Retrofit Applications




Male Adapter Dimension

drawing of conduit male adapter

CTX-5140104 3/4" 1-3/4" 1-1/4" 1-3/16"
CTX-5140105 1" 2-3/16" 1-5/8" 1-1/2"
CTX-5140107 1-1/2" 2-1/16" 2" 1-5/16"


Outer Diameter 1-1/8" to 1-5/16"
UL Standards

UL 651
UL File E81590
UL Category Code DWTT
CSA Certified Yes
NEC Article 352  
Material PVC
Style Schedule 40
Type Terminal Adapter
Application Adapting non-metallic conduit to boxes, threaded fittings, and metallic systems
Connection Type A x B Male NPT x Socket


Cross Reference

Cantex Scepter
Cat No
Kraloy Carlon Picoma Heritage P.W.  Pipe
1/2" 5140103 TA10 77021 78084 E943D ME943D 59615 60060050
3/4" 5140104 TA15 77022 78085 E943E ME943E 59616 60060075
1" 5140105 TA20 77023 78086 E943F ME943F 59617 60060100
1-1/4" 5140106 TA25 77024 78087 E943G ME943G 59618 60060125
1-1/2" 5140107 TA30 77025 78088 E943H ME943H 59619 60060150



Difference between Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 Conduit

The difference between Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 lies in the thickness of the wall of the piping. The Schedule 40 has a thinner wall than the Schedule 80 piping even when dealing with the same size pipe. Because the pipes are the same size on the outside, the difference lies in the interior. They will differ by inside diameter.
A 1" (25.4 mm) Schedule 40 pipe will have an outside diameter of 1.315" (33.4 mm) and an inside diameter of 1.029" (26.1 mm). A 1" (25.4 mm) Schedule 80 pipe will have an outside diameter of 1.315" (33.4 mm) and an inside diameter of 0.936" (23.8 mm).

They will look identical from the exterior. The reason for the difference is that thicker piping allows for larger pressure. Thinner piping and fittings however are less expensive typically.




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