Cable Cover Protection

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Cable Cover Protection for Every Application

If you're running cords, cables and wires across any surface where foot or vehicle traffic is going to occur, a cord cover (or covers!) is an essential investment. We stock cable and cord covers for virtually every application, from home and office to warehouses and construction sites. Whether indoor, outdoor, jobsite, worksite, conference room, office…we have covers for it.

Cord protectors are the go-to solution for this problem, ensuring that your cables don't sustain damage from heavy traffic, and protecting that traffic from trip hazards. From discreet and decorative floor covers that match your home décor to high visibility heavy duty multi-channel models that can withstand serious vehicle traffic, we've got them all, including popular lines such as Guard Dog, Bumblebee and Yellowjacket.

For the ultimate in safety compliance, check out our low-profile ADA compliant handicap ramps that provide safe access for those in wheelchairs.

Five Practical Uses for Floor Cord Covers

If you’ve got long cables, cords, and wires running across a room, it is essential that you invest in floor cord covers. These kinds of covers help in a number of different ways and also help to extend the life of your cables. There are plenty of different kinds available no matter what kind of environment you need them for. has covers for the home, office, warehouse, retail space, and even construction site!

Reasons We Love Floor Cord Covers

Here are the top five reasons floor cord covers rock!

  1. Protection from traffic. Cables, wires, and cords are made to withstand plenty of things, but the more protection you give them, the more life they’ll have. They will last you longer, and not only that but they will function properly and you won’t have to doubt their safety. No matter if you are protecting them from indoor foot traffic or vehicular traffic, avoiding direct contact with shoes and tires will help to extend their life exponentially.
  2. Avoid trips and falls. Have you ever gotten your feet tangled in a wire and either had an embarrassing trip or painful fall? Or maybe you kicked a cable and unplugged something, erasing hours’ worth of work.  No matter what, keeping your cables secured can help to prevent an unpleasant situation, or even a potential lawsuit if someone has an accident on your premises.
  3. Better on the eyes. Yes, we specialize in cables. We are also well aware that they aren’t the nicest to look at. The solution? You guessed it – cord covers! High capacity cord covers can serve double duty as speed bumps for traffic, while light capacity indoor cord covers come in a variety of colors and textures to perfectly match your floor color.
  4. Secures wires into place. When left unattended, cables and cords tend to migrate. Even if you intended on having a cable run against a wall, in time it will work its way into the middle of the room. Floor cord covers keep things securely in place, wherever you want them to be!
  5. ADA compliance. Compliance with the American Disability Act is a necessity and required by law in many places, especially commercial buildings. We carry a number of low profile cord covers that give safe and secure access across cables for wheelchairs and pedestrians.

So there you have it! If you have cords, you should also have cord covers for these reasons and much more!

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