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What's special about these pipe marking accessories?

  • Allows you to securely apply pipe labels right at the jobsite
  • Constructed of quality materials for long-lasting durability
  • Easily installed for an overall labor and time savings
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Brady's Pipe Marker Fasteners and Accessories are the perfect addition to your pipe marker installation. These heavy-duty accessories allow you to securely fasten your labels quickly and easily.

Stainless Steel Strapping
Part #ImageDescriptionDimensionsQtyWeightPrice
BC-42331Brady Pipe Marker Fasteners and Accessories BC-42331Brady Stainless Steel Strapping1/4" W x 100' L1 roll15 lbs
BC-42332Brady Pipe Marker Fasteners and Accessories BC-42332Brady Stainless Steel Strapping1/4" W x 250' L1 roll37.5 lbs
BC-42333Brady Pipe Marker Fasteners and Accessories BC-42333Brady Stainless Steel Strapping1/4" W x 1000' L1 roll150 lbs
BC-90910Brady Pipe Marker Fasteners and Accessories BC-90910Brady Stainless Steel Banding Heads-100 pack0.25 lb
Mounting Clip
Part #ImageDescriptionQtyWeightPrice
BC-42335Brady Pipe Marker Fasteners and Accessories BC-42335Brady Heavy Duty HPHV Mounting Clip1 pack0.25 lb
Part #ImageDescriptionDimensionsQtyWeightPrice
BC-41772Brady Pipe Marker Fasteners and Accessories BC-41772Brady BradyLock Fastener1/2" W x 150' L1 roll4.2 lbs
Tape Strips
Part #ImageDescriptionDimensionsQtyWeightPrice
BC-59946Brady Pipe Marker Fasteners and Accessories BC-59946Brady Pipe Marker Tape Strip Roll2" W x 30 yds1 roll6.9 lbs
Quick-Apply™ Nylon Straps
Part #ImageDescriptionDimensionsQtyWeightPrice
BC-91165Brady Pipe Marker Fasteners and Accessories BC-91165Brady 6" Quick-Apply Nylon Straps6" W10 pack0.02 lb
BC-91166Brady Pipe Marker Fasteners and Accessories BC-91166Brady 8" Quick-Apply Nylon Straps8" W10 pack0.03 lb
Reference Chart
Part #DescriptionDimensionsQtyWeightPrice
BC-102846Brady Pipe Marker Reference Chart14" W x 10" H10.9 lb

Continuous Stainless Steel Strapping

  • Allows you to use as little or as much as you need to adapt to various sized pipes and conduit
  • Made of type 316 stainless steel for high corrosion resistance
  • Ideal for use in applying high-performance, high-visibility labels
  • Available in 3 lengths for large or small jobs


Stainless Steel Banding Heads

  • Works with stainless steel strapping and creates secure closures
  • Fits on standard 1/4” strapping for use with pipe markers or cable bundling
  • Constructed of 316 stainless steel for corrosive environments


Stainless Steel Banding Tool

  • Lightweight design for ease of use
  • Works with stainless steel strapping and banding heads to secure ends


Heavy Duty Mounting Clips

  • Works with HPHV pipe markers to ensure a secure label
  • Straps on using stainless steel strapping, so it can be used in corrosive environments


BradyLock™ Fastener

  • Standard type of fastener that is ideal for use with Strap-On Pipe Markers
  • Constructed of self locking heavy duty chemical resistant plastic material for durability


Tape Strip Rolls

  • Ideal for providing additional security to wrap around pipe labels when they are moved or damaged
  • Continuous rolls, so you can use as much or as little as needed


Pipe Marker Reference Chart

  • Large 14”x10” size is easy to read and use
  • Includes color and size identification guides for ANSI compliance
  • Mounts easily using corner mounting holes


Quick-Apply™ Nylon Straps:

  • Can be used with a wide variety of Brady products, including lockout tagout kits
  • Allows for quick and easy application of pipe markers and tags


Part # Dimensions Qty Weight
Stailess Steel Strapping
BC-42331 1/4" W x 100' L 1 roll 15 lbs
BC-42332 1/4" W x 250' L 1 roll 37.5 lbs
BC-42333 1/4" W x 1000' L 1 roll 150 lbs
BC-90910 - 100 pack 0.25 lb
Mounting Clip
BC-42335 - 1 pack 0.25 lb
BC-41772 1/2" W x 150' L 1 roll 4.2 lbs
Tape Strips
BC-59946 2" W x 30 yds 1 roll 6.9 lbs
Quick-Apply Nylon Straps
BC-91165 6" W 10 pack 0.02 lb
BC-91166 8" W 10 pack 0.03 lb





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