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What's special about the IDXPERT Printer?

  • Built in functions for wire ID, patch panels, and serialization
  • Over 140 label combinations to choose from
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The IDXPERT™ from Brady is the first handheld labeling system with the capability to print on such a wide variety of labels. This versatile label printer can print on die-cut or self-laminating labels as well as heat shrinkable sleeves and continuous tapes. With all of these available options you can label just about anything. IDXPERT includes modes for labeling wires, terminal block strips, patch panels, 66- & 110-block strips, and faceplates. The 300 DPI thermal transfer print is sure to maintain its clarity and sharpness for as long as the labels last.

NOTE: The IDXPERT Printers are NO longer available
.Cases and accessories are still available below.

Part #DescriptionPrice
BC-XPERT-HC-ABCHard Case for Brady IDXPERT- ABC Layout
BC-PCCABLE-1Brady PC Cable (For Upgrades Only) - Serial Cable
View IDXPERT Electrical I.D. Labels
  • 82 symbols and various barcode types built in
  • Uses die-cut labels and continuous tapes
  • Auto senses cartridge type & size


View IDXPERT Electrical I.D. Labels

  • Prints on These Types of Label Constructions
    • Continuous tapes
    • Die Cut labels (pre-cut labels)
    • Wire Wraps
    • Self-Laminating Wire & Cable Markers
    • Heat-Shrink Wire Sleeves
    • Wire & Cable Flags
    • Non-Adhesive Slide-in Strips for punch blocks
  • Applications Built into Printer
    • Wire ID
    • Terminal Block Strips
    • Patch Panel Strips
    • 66-Block Strips 
    • 110-Block strips (w/grid lines for 2pr, 3pr, 4pr, 5pr)
    • BIX Block strips (w/grid lines for 2pr, 3pr, 4pr, 5pr)
    • Desi-Strip/Face Plate Inserts
    • General ID Mode
    • Horizontal serialization
    • BackBone serialization
  • More Types of Labels -Self-Lams, Sleeves and 140+ label styles to choose from including Continuous Tapes.
  • More Width -Materials up to 1.5" wide. Prints characters in 21 font sizes up to 1.25".
  • More Symbols -82 symbols plus bar codes.
  • Smarter Bar Coding
    • code 3 of 9
    • code 128
    • multiple HR text sizes & wide/narrow bar width
    • more symbologies if using LabelMark™ software for PC printing
  • Drop, Lock and Print -Quick loading cartridge makes switching jobs really fast.
  • Smart Cartridge Saves Time -Auto-senses label type and size. NO extra keys to press.
  • PC-Connect Printing -Use optional Brady LabelMark™ software to create labels on your PC and print from your v2.0 IDXPERT
  • Intuitive User Interface -Easily access even complex functions in fewer steps!
  • Memory -Store frequently used set-ups.
  • Display -Larger, more informative display.
  • Prints Fast and Clean -300 dpi thermal transfer printing stays crisp and bright.
  • Saves You Money -Edge-to-edge printing and Die Cut labels reduce your materials expenses.



  • Adhesive Wrap Around
    Durable vinyl cloth wrap-around wire & cable marker. Stays in place, but can be removed cleanly and reapplied if necessary. Printer automatically "multiple repeats" your text to create a wrap-around marker with 360 degree visibility of legend.
  • Self Laminating
    This wire & cable marker's protected printing offers superior chemical and abrasion resistance. Marker features a non-printed clear area which wraps around and overlaminates the printed text. Printer automatically "multiple repeats" your text in the white print area.
  • Permasleeve™ Sleeves
    These full circle heat-shrink sleeves are the ultimate in marker durability, permanence and aesthetic appearance. Fast-shrink rate saves time & cost during installation. Available as individual 1-inch long markers or cut-to-length continuous supply.



  • Indoor/Outdoor Grade Facility & Safety Labels
    This indoor/5-yr outdoor vinyl is very pliable and conforms well to smooth or rough surfaces such as pipes, walls, doors, panels, shelving, bins and equipment. Aggressive permanent adhesive. Excellent resistance to oils, detergents, dirt, grime and many solvents.


Print Resolution: 300 dpi
Print Technology: Thermal Transfer
Application(s): Panel Identification, Wire & Cable Marking, Data Communications Labeling, Safety & Maintenance Identification, Facility, General & Industrial Labeling
Keyboard: ABC layout of keys
Max Labels Per Day: 250 labels/day
Display: LCD
Character Height: 1.25"
Max Label Width: 1.500"
Max Print Width: 1.25"
Max Roll Length: 30'
Text Sizes: 11 (7 to 128 point)
Color Capability: Single Color Printing
Multi-Line Print: Yes
Print Rotation: Yes
Serialization: Yes
Bar Code Type: 1D (Linear)
PC Connectivity: Yes
Peripheral Printing: Yes
Stand Alone Printing: Yes
Connectivity Options: Serial, USB
Portability: Yes
Memory: 10 labels
Power Supply: AC Power (optional), 6 AA's
Materials Supported: Continuous, Die Cut, 140+ Stock parts
Continuous vs Die Cut Labels: Can print both continuous and die
Labels: cut labels
Weight: 2.4 lbs
Warranty: 12 Months - Click here to view Terms and Conditions (PDF)
Patent Numbers: #6,910,819; #6,929,415; #7,070,347; #7,201,522; and #D519,552. Other patents applied for

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