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What's special about this tool kit?

  • Combines all of the tools you will need for voice and data applications in one kit.
  • Complete networking kit includes multiple adapters, stripping tools, and cable.
  • Ideal for wiring, network installations, and repairs
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The Voice data tool kit from Black Box has the best tools for installing and repairing phone lines and LANs. It is the complete and perfect tool kit for network installation and general computer repair and maintenance. One kit will give you all the tools you will need for your jobs. This Tool Kit is ideal for convenient wiring, network installation and repair, the kit includes adapters, stripping tools, and cable.

Part #DescriptionWeightShipping DimensionsPrice
BB-FT103A-R2Voice/Data Tool Kit19 lbs19.7" L x 15" W x 9.6" H
Manufacturer Direct
Replacement Components
Part #DescriptionWeightShipping DimensionsPrice
BB-FT106AHard Shell Case for Voice/Data Kit11.4 lbs19.7" L x 15" W x 9.6" H
Manufacturer Direct

Contents of the Kit:

  • Slip-joint pliers, 6"
  • Chain-nose pliers, 4"
  • Standard locking pliers, 5"
  • Long-nosed pliers with cutter, 6"
  • Electrician's scissors
  • Adjustable wrench, 6"
  • Metric tape measure
  • Slot and Phillips screwholder
  • Circuit tester
  • (4) Nutdrivers: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8"
  • (4) Torx drivers: T10, T15, T20, T25
  • (2) Balldriver key sets: hex and metric
  • Precision knife #1
  • Pocket flashlight
  • Clear plastic luggage tag
  • Removable top and bottom pallets
  • Stubby reversible screwdriver
  • Classic shell, 8" case
  • Diagonal cutter, 4"
  • (2) adapters: DB9F to DB25F and RS-232 to RJ-12/45
  • (4) Phillips screwdrivers: #0, #0 (w/ pocket clip), #1, #2
  • (3) slot screwdrivers: 1/8" x 4", 3/32" x 2" (w/ pocket clip), 5/16" x 6"
  • Soldering iron, 25-watt
  • Desolder braid, 5' spool
  • Impact tool
  • 110-type replacement blade
  • T6 stripper
  • Wire cutter
  • (2) gender changers: DB25 FF, DB25 MM
  • (2) couplers: RJ-11, RJ-45
  • (2) telco cables, 14': RJ-11, RJ-45
  • Telephone line tester
BB-FT103A-R2 Voice/Data Tool Kit 19.7" 15" 9.6" 19 lbs
BB-FT106A Hard Shell Case 19.7" 15" 9.6" 11.4 lbs






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