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Detect Network Leaks Day or Night From Over 100 Feet Away

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What's special about this fiber fault locator?

  • Finds breaks, leaks and bends in fiber optic networks by simply pointing and pulling the trigger.
  • Save money and time in trouble shooting and network down time with the patent pending technology that will pinpoint the fault within inches
  • When utilizing the Aerial Filter and Scope you can test continuity in runs in high ceilings, or running along telephone poles with out a ladder or a bucket lift.
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This state of the art fault finder truly solves all the difficulties previously had by installers and IT technicians. Whether it is testing a cable run in the wall or an entire info structure, the F3X allows you to test for poor signal, bend or breaks before you spend money on a service call technician.

Pre-Assembled Kits
Part #DescriptionIncludesPrice
BB-F3XKIT2F3X High-Power Fiber Fault Finder KitF3X Fiber Fault Finder Gun,
High-power remote tracer source,
Hard-shell case
BB-F3XKIT1SCOPEF3X Medium-Power Fiber Fault Finder Kit with Aerial ScopeF3X Fiber Fault Finder Gun,
Medium-power remote tracer source,
Aerial scope,
Hard-shell case

Custom Kit - Buy the Gun & Pick Your Light Source, Filter & More

F3X Fiber Fault Gun
Part #DescriptionPrice
BB-F3XF3X Fiber Fault Finder Gun with Hard Carrying Case
Light Source
Part #DescriptionPrice
BB-F3XLS1F3X Light Source 1, Medium Power Laser
BB-F3XLS2F3X Light Source 2, High Power Laser
Part #DescriptionPrice
BB-F3XF-1310NMF3X Filter, 1310 nm
BB-F3XFSTDF3X Standard Filter, 1280 nm–1680 nm
BB-F3XF-1490NMF3X Filter, 1490 nm
BB-F3XF-1550NMF3X Filter, 1550 nm
Part #DescriptionPrice
BB-F3XAFSF3X Aerial Filter and Scope
BB-F3XHF3X Holster
BB-F3XCASEF3X Hard Carrying Case
  • Customize your Fiber Fault Gun by purchasing one of the multiple light sources and filters to fully meet the needs of your fiber network, or purchase a pre-made kit
  • Simply scan the gun over the fiber and any bends or breaks with emanating light which can be seen in daylight allowing you to test when ever need be
  • Identify hard to find light loss points in adapters patch panels, caps, boots and dust covers in a network closet
  • Pin points faults even through most buffer colors and jackets including dark blue, green and black coats
  • Sensitive enough to pick up tracer signals from good quality fusion splices and capped ports
  • Finds bends even more gentle than that of most other fault folders
  • Assist in finding inefficient and poorly mated connectors and bad splices
  • Included hard sided case is water proof and comes with pre cut foam inserts to protect your equipment
  • Medium and high power light source lasers feature an aluminum body with high impact rubber bumpers to keep the device safe.
  • Optional aerial filter and scope can identify fibers from up to 300 kilometers away, and can be used in indoor or outdoor applications
  • The filters come in specific wavelengths, so you can choose the one that’s right for your cabling.
  • When using in the field the optional holster can be of help allowing you to secure the gun to your belt


Can be used in the following applications:

  • Raw fiber identification
  • Connector panel port identification
  • Bent and broken fiber leak detection
  • Connector and end-face splatter detection
  • Ceramic ferrule fiber fractures or misalignments
  • Epoxyless connector leak detection
  • Mechanical or fusion splice leak detection
  • Bulkhead adapter alignment
  • Patch panel adapter failures and raw fiber ID
  • Splitter troubleshooting


Modes of Operation
Raw infrared light detection Detect infrared light including traffic, tracer signals, and CW light. This enables you to locate severe bends and breaks in lightly colored fibers.
2-kHz remote tracer source light detection Examine ports, fibers, splices, or connectors for the presence of a 2-kHz modulated signal. Any light between 1000–1700 nm will be detected. This method also enables you to ID light at uncovered ports up to 300 kilometers away or to locate severe bends and breaks in most 250- or 900-µm buffered fibers.
Local tracer source detection. In this mode, the F3X Gun senses light from its own internal source at the rear of the unit. This is the most sensitive mode of operation. Use it to detect breaks in nearly all 250- and 900-µm fibers, usually at the ends of a cable at the ports, splices, and connectors.
The F3X includes:
(1) F3X fiber optic leak detector pistol probe
(1) AC power pack
(1) user’s manual
(1) Hard carrying case
The included Hard Carrying Case holds the F3X gun, light source, and accessories


Light Source Specifications
Bandwidth: 5 nm Bandwidth: 5 nm
Emitter: Laser Emitter: Laser
Modulation: 2 kHz Modulation: 2 kHz
Pout: -+5 dBm Pout: +5 dBm
Stability: 0.10 dB/8 hrs. Stability: 0.10 dB/8 hrs.
Temperature: Operating: +23 to +113° F (-5 to +45° C); Temperature: Operating: +23 to +113° F (-5 to +45° C);
Storage: +14 to +140° F (-10 to +60° C) Storage: +14 to +140° F (-10 to +60° C)
Wavelength: 1550 nm Wavelength: 1550 nm
Power: Input: <+1 dBm; Power: Input: <+1 dBm;
Operating: (4) AA NiMH batteries (included) or (4) AA akaline batteries Operating: (4) AA NiMH batteries (included) or (4) AA akaline batteries


Includes F3X Fiber Fault Finder Gun, high-power remote tracer source, aerial scope, and hard-shell case.







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