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What's special about these lab grade AC to DC converters?

  • Converts AC power from a common 3-prong outlet to DC power for use with your DC-powered devices
  • USB interface with PC software allows remote operation and easier programming through its intuitive GUI
  • Intelligent circuitry protects the unit from overloading and overheating, increasing user safety and prolonging service life
  • Ideal for telecommunications, electronic field service, laboratory testing, and many other applications
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These Switching DC Power Supplies by BK Precision® come in 3 models that are sure to cover the range of your DC power needs. Each unit features a small profile that may be stacked on your workspace for maximum efficiency. Safety is ensured by precise settings adjusted via rotary controls, a bright and easy-to-read LED display, as well as superior protection for all circuitry components.

BK-1685B 1V to 60V 0A to 5A
BK-1687B 1V to 36V 0A to 10A
BK-1688B 1V to 18V 0A to 20A
BK-TL-5A Alligator Clip to Banana Plug Hook-up Set
BK-TLPS Power Supply Test Leads Set
  • Rotary control with bright, clear LED display facilitates precise voltage and current settings
  • All functions undergo self-checks when the power supply is switched on, increasing safety by alerting the user to malfunctioning components
  • Analog remote capability allows you to turn the unit on or off and control all settings remotely
  • Small, lightweight form factor makes this unit easy to install and transport, and saves space at your workstation
  • Built-in cooling fan keeps the unit at optimal operating temperature
  • 5A front auxiliary output allows you to connect a low-current device without moving the unit to a new location
  BK-1685B BK-1687B BK-1688B
Tracking Overvoltage Protections O/P 1-5 V: set voltage +2 V
O/P 5-20 V: set voltage +3 V
O/P 20-60 V: set voltage +4 V
O/P 1-5 V: set voltage +2 V
O/P 5-20 V: set voltage +3 V
O/P 20-36 V: set voltage +4 V
O/P 1-5 V: set voltage +2 V
O/P 5-18 V: set voltage +3 V
Full Load Input Current 3.7 A (100 VAC)
1.7 A (230 VAC)
4.6 A (100 VAC)
2.1 A (230 VAC)
4.6 A (100 VAC)
2.1 A (230 VAC)
Efficiency 82% (100 VAC)
86% (230 VAC)
82% (100 VAC)
86% (230 VAC)
81% (100 VAC)
85% (230 VAC)



Load (0-100% Load) ≤ 50 mV
Line (90-132 VAC, 170-264 VAC Variation) ≤ 20 mV
Load (10-90% Rated Voltage) ≤ 100 mA
Line (90-132 VAC, 170-264 VAC Variation) ≤ 50 mA
Ripple & Noise Voltage (rms) ≤ 5 mV
Ripple & Noise Voltage (peak-peak) ≤ 50 mV
Current Ripple & Noise (rms) ≤ 30 mA
Voltage Meter 3-Digit LED Display ± 0.2% + 3 counts
Current Meter 3-Digit LED Display ± 0.2% + 3 counts
Transient Response Time (50-100% Load) 1.5 ms
Power Factor Correction > 0.95 at optimal load
Cooling Method Thermostatically controlled fan from zero
Protections Overload, Overvoltage, Overtemperature
Special Features 3 User-Defined Voltage and Current Presets, Analog Remote Control
External Timed Programming Max. 20 voltage and current steps
Max. 99 min + 59 sec step time
Max. 999 running cycles
Operating Temperature 32 °F to 104 °F (0 °C to 40 °C) ≤ 80% R.H.
Storage Temperature 5 °F to 158 °F (-15 °C to 70 °C) ≤ 85% R.H.
Dimensions 7.9" x 3.5" x 8.2" (200 x 90 x 208 mm)
Weight 5.2 lbs (2.4 kg)






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