72Hr Best Price Guarantee

CableOrganizer Best Price Guarantee

We're confident that our prices are some of the best around, and we’re willing to stand by it. That’s why, if you're able to find an item you bought from us for less from a competitor, we'll refund you the difference, even after you've purchased it from us*! We know you have projects you need to get done, and the clock is ticking. You need to make sure you get your items shipped to you on schedule, and you may not have time to worry about price. So let us help you out!


* Price Match terms and conditions apply:

  • Lower price must be submitted to us for verification within 72 hours from the time of purchase
  • Item must be identical to the product purchased from CableOrganizer.com, with the same manufacturer’s part number
  • Item must be sold new and unopened, not second hand or refurbished
  • Item must be available currently from a verifiable online retailer. Sale items, closeout sites, online auctions, physical retail stores and classified ads do not qualify. Must be verifiable in writing. In person, verbal or phone call quotes cannot be accepted. Exclusions include but are not limited to: Amazon/Amazon Prime, Ebay, Rakuten.com, financing offers, bundles, free giveaways, pricing errors, mail-in rebates and coupon offers, limited quantity or out of stock items, and gift card offers.
  • Price-matching cannot be combined with any other promotional offer
  • We cannot price match if the new price is below our actual cost