Super Bowl Home Theater Solutions from CableOrganizer

BY: Shane Weaver

Flying Spaghetti Monster

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, you'll want to make sure that party you're hosting has everything you need to enjoy the half time show and commercials properly. And oh yes, I believe there's some kind of game going on with a ball and some feet. We're Dolphins fans here, so forgive us if we've fallen a bit out of touch.

So you've got snacks and red solo cups, and you've kicked out all the raccoons and possums that were living in your cupboards…what more do you need? Well, you bought that 78-inch LED HDTV last Black Friday. Does your home theater set up do it justice? Read on to find out about everything you'll need to make sure you're ready for kickoff. Also, if you stay till the end (or just skip to it, I can't stop you) you can find out about our super awesome Super Bowl Squares Facebook contest! It's super easy to enter--just “like” our post on Facebook and you're in!

mess of cables and power strip

Organize Your Cables

Here at CableOrganizer, it's sometimes easy to take for granted that everyone is already aware of all the resources available for properly sorting and protecting your cables. But the reality is, many people still deal with a big tangled spaghetti monster of cords that lives behind the entertainment system, completely forgotten until something needs to be unplugged or moved.

This isn't the way it has to be. There are a ton of products available to help you bundle, separate, direct and just generally control all those annoying cables so that they don't intertwine and develop sentience. After that it's only a matter of time before they start plotting against you.

So, have you heard of cable raceway? It's seriously awesome. Lots of products fall under the raceway banner, but the term basically applies to any channel that allows you to run cables through for the purpose of managing them. Most raceway features easy do-it-yourself installation, including adhesive backing to easily stick it to any smooth surface. You can cut it to pretty much any size, and you can also paint it to match your surrounding décor.

Raceway isn't even the only product out there for wrangling your out-of-control, stampeding cattle cables. There's sleeving, clips, ties, wraps… lot more to fit whatever your specific needs might be.

In fact, a lot of these products have been conveniently compiled by us in our Home Theater Kit. It includes a raceway kit, wireloom, cable ties, saddle clips, a cable winder, and a handy label printer so you can keep track of which cables go where. The best part? It offers a 34% savings over purchasing each of those items separately. What's not to love?

Doofus from Duck Tales collapsed

The Right Cable for the Job

Let's take a quick step backward. Before you start organizing your cables, you first want to make sure you have the right cables for the organizing. Maybe you've got a simple set up, no extra cables required. Good for you. Enjoy the simplicity.
If your cable needs are more complex, we've got you covered. We offer a broad range of audio and video cables including Component, HDMI and Coaxial cables. We even stock Flatwire in case you're running cables where there might be people walking around. The last thing you need is someone tripping over your cables on the way to load up on chips and dip, knocking out the video with three seconds left in the fourth quarter.

Not to mention the legal and medical bills you might incur if said tripper breaks their nose in said fall. And of course, they'll probably expect you to pay to fix all their other broken bones from the beating they'll almost certainly get from their fellow party guests after causing everyone to miss the crucial final play of the game.

It's just not worth the headache. So if you have to run cables where peoples' feet may end up, and you can't spring for flat wire, at least grab some cord covers.

power squid protector for home theater

Plug 'N' Play

Now that you've successfully managed all those wiry wires, you've got to plug them in somewhere. You could just keep plugging multiple outlets into multiple outlets, but that can get dangerous, and also makes it look like you have a robot octopus sticking out of your wall.

Or, you could eliminate the potential egregious fire hazard by actually getting a proper power console or surge suppressor. We just happen to stock several of these items, specifically designed for home theater set ups. My personal favorite? The Power Squid. What it lacks in perceived practicality, it makes up for in the face that it looks like a goofy robot octopus…but this time, it's SUPPOSED to.

If you're into more standard fare, we've got that too. And for the pure connoisseur, check out our power conditioners. They may not look like robotic mollusks, but I suppose there may be more important factors to consider when choosing a surge protector.

sabertooth cat versus caveman

Racks on Racks on Racks

So, now you've got your cables, your cable management systems, and something for all your cables to plug in to…You're all set to watch some good old fashioned people slamming into each other, right? Well, where were you planning to put all your equipment? Your TV, your receiver, your speakers, all that jazz…you're not just going to set it on the floor, are you? Of course not, that's how cavemen watched the Super Bowl. Back when the ball was made out of a rock and the ever-present danger of sabre-toothed tiger attack loomed.

It's 2014. Put your things on other things. We just so happen to have some things for you to put your things on (or in). Take a look at our professional home theater racks: they're fully configured cabinets to house your audio systems, receivers, DVRs, blu-ray players…basically whatever needs to sit on something. And if you're feeling extra fancy, you can check out the rotating/sliding rail rack system from Middle Atlantic.

Super Bowl Squares contest

Treat Yo' Self

Ultimately, just make sure you have fun this Super Bowl Sunday. Part of that fun involves preparing your home theater set up so that it looks nice, nobody trips, and no fires get started. Once you've got it taken care of, sit back and enjoy the game.

And we can help there too. We're running a Super Bowl Squares contest through our Facebook page. Just “like” the contest post and you'll be automatically entered and assigned a square. If your numbers come up, you'll win prizes! It's simple and free, and will make your Super Bowl experience that much more enjoyable.

It's a great time to be alive: all your home theater needs met, surge protectors shaped like octopi, free contests, and most importantly…no sabre-toothed tigers. GO TEAM!