How to Boost Office Efficiency

BY: Christina Hansen


You keep the coffee brewing 9 to 5. You set the office thermostat at a universally comfortable temperature. You’ve even invested in time management training. So why is it that your workplace is still lagging behind in the efficiency department? No matter how many of the other bases you have covered, your office won’t run like a well-oiled machine if one key ingredient is missing: Organization!
That’s where comes into the picture. Organization is our mission, and it just so happens that we’re especially good around the office. From unruly computer cords to jumbled storage closets, it’s amazing how much time can be wasted when workplace surroundings are out of control. Here are a few of our favorite products for taking charge of productivity-robbing clutter:


Brady label printerLabel Printers

Combine a large staff with lots of electronic equipment, mix them up and pack them into an office space, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for disorganization. The potential for confusion is everywhere, from tangled network cables to heaped-up office supplies. Stop wasting time wading through clutter! Make sure that everything around you office is identified and put in its place with a versatile handheld label printer like the Brady IDXPERT™. This labeler does it all: with the capability to print on die cut or self-laminating labels, continuous tape and heat-shrink sleeves, the IDXPERT™ will take you from server room to storage closet to desktop. And who knows? It might even bring an end to that age-old query: “Whose stapler is this?”



Cable SafeCable-Safe Professional Installer Kits

Need a complete, convenient and highly effective under-desk cable management system? That’s exactly what you’ll find in the Cable-Safe Professional Installer Kit… times ten! This product has what it takes to organize 10 desks worth of tangled computer cables in one fell swoop. Your coworkers won’t get their feet snagged anymore… the Cable-Safe lets you neatly label, bundle, and mount cords, power strips and USB hubs from one handy fixture suspended beneath your desk. It’s a great cable management solution that makes it easy to locate specific cords and clean. And best of all, there won’t be any fighting over who gets a Cable-Safe… with bulk Installer’s Kits, there’s plenty to go around!


Neat Patch

Stroll over to the nearest server rack and take a peek at what’s going on behind the network equipment. What do you see? You’re either gazing upon neatly ordered rows of patch cords, or getting an eyeful of cables that look frighteningly like knotted spaghetti. If you’ve got the latter situation on your hands, it’s time for a Neat Patch! This unique patch cable storage solution provides an easy and attractive solution for routing patch cords, protecting bend radius and storing excess cable length. The Neat Patch not only gives server racks a neat and organized appearance, it also eliminates wasted time and frustration when IT personnel need to perform maintenance or updates.

Patch panel cable management

Neat Patch Cable Mgmt. KIT w/ Qty.(24) 2ft Cat 6 Cert. Patch Cables