Tips for Convention Cable Management



If you're in charge of organizing the cords, cables, or hoses needed for an advertising show or display at a convention, then your main concern is to prevent any tripping hazards over the cords and also to protect the cords or hoses from heavy traffic.  Guests to the convention can easily fall over cords if they're not protected.  Also, cords can be exposed to traffic, moisture, and other outside factors that can do permanent damage.  Here are some ways you can easily protect cords during conventions.


Organizing and Protecting Cables during Conventions

Cable Path tapeSince you are in charge of the convention cable management, it is your responsibility to take all precautions to avoid any risks involved with the cables and cords associated with your company. For securing wires and cables in the convention center, tapes and adhesives are the perfect product. Some special features that make tape and adhesives so reliable are that they can be torn by hand, are puncture resistant, leave no adhesive on cables or cords, are designed to use on floors temporarily, and can be repositioned many times if needed. There are many types of tape available such as Duct Tape that will help you organize and protect your cables during the convention.

For protecting your cables and cords from all the heavy traffic during the convention, cord covers and cable protectors that work well indoors are available. Also available are cable clips and clamps for keeping your wires and cables secure and tight. They are very easy to use and are very inexpensive.

You'll also want to protect the cables against abrasions and strain relief that can be caused from heavy traffic. The solution for this is to insulate your cables with heat shrinking tubing. This tubing can also be used for bundling or color coding your cables, and for protecting your cables from moisture and corrosion.


Prevent Tripping during Events

power extensionsTripping hazards can hurt passers-by and create a damper on your event. Early prevention of tripping hazards is best to make the event go smoothly. You can securely bundle your cables and wires together with cable ties and wraps to prevent anyone from tripping over them during the event. These are convenient to use and provide an economical way to prevent tripping hazards. Flexible cord covers will also help to avoid any tripping hazards. The cord covers are reusable and can be easily rolled up after use for storage.

Whether you have a small or large number of cables, the Cable Tray will hold, guide, and protect your cables and wires. The trays can be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or floor and will help to eliminate tripping on your cables during an event.

Using an Power Extension Cord could solve your concern about the extension cord causing tripping hazards.  The power extension lies flat against the floor and enables you to run it across the room. The extensions are great for temporary jobs and can be easily set up and taken down.

If you're in charge of wire safety at conventions, use these products and ideas to ensure the safety of all those who attend and also the protection of all your cables and wires during the convention.

Other Great Products for Convention Cable Management Include: