HDMI Cable Q&A

BY: CableOrganizer.com


With such a large span of prices, how do I choose from the flood of HDMI cables on the market? Aside from the length, what makes one cable better than the next?

HDMI cableThe HDMI cable “Cost versus Quality” issue has sparked more than a few debates between home theater fans… just check out the online audio/video forums! Some people insist that quality is indicated by a cable’s price tag and packaging, while others argue that brand and cost have absolutely nothing to do with the performance of a cable. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but who’s right? Are there any hard and fast answers about what sets one cable apart from another?

As it turns out, the main feature that constitutes a good HDMI cable is certification. Any HDMI cable that’s labeled “HDMI Certified” is guaranteed to deliver a resolution of 1080p, and any cable that doesn’t have this certification makes no promises… it’s that simple! One thing to watch out for: if you’re eyeing any HDMI cables labeled as “commercial grade”, keep in mind that while they’re guaranteed for 480p, they’re not necessarily HDMI certified.

So, the moral of the story is that HDMI-certified cables guarantee that you’ll get a quality connection. Aside from that detail, the rest of the choice is up to you, according to your tastes and budget. Personally, we recommend certified HDMI cables by Quest, which offer great performance at an affordable price.



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